What to say on a Death Anniversary?

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The absence of a loving family member or a friend never stops hitting you inside. It becomes more painful on their death anniversaries. But every person should remember the departed soul through their immense contribution of love, care and joy in others’ life.

On the death anniversary of a beloved person, you must know the right things to say along with the right etiquette. In this article, you will know the appropriate pairs of words that you can say on the death anniversary of different people.

Right messages for saying on the death anniversary of a beloved partner/spouse

Life seems incomplete after losing a loving and caring life partner or spouse. It does not matter how much time the partners have spent together, it is always difficult to live the rest of their life in his/her absence. But some soothing words can lessen the pain to some extent.

You can take an idea of the right messages that you want to say on someone’s partner’s death anniversary.

  1. Your strength of living life without him/her is commendable. On this day I want to give you credit for keeping this beautiful relationship lively.
  2. I know losing a person who was a teammate, partner, lover and friend of yours is very disturbing. The even more difficult thing is remembering the day when he/she left you. I am here for supporting you in all possible ways.

What you should not say on the death anniversary of a beloved life partner?

  1. Do not complain about anything related to the departed person. It can hurt the partner and enhance their pain.
  2. You should not force the person to find a new partner. It shows disrespect towards the deceased person.

Right messages to say on the death anniversary of parents.

Nothing else can be more painful than losing those people who did everything possible to make you a better and successful human being.

If someone you know recently lost his/her parent and going through inconsolable pain, sympathize with them through these messages on the death anniversary of his/her parent.

  1. Your mom/dad was amazing person. I remember how he/she shaped you from your childhood so that you can reach there, where you are now. I understand your pain when you miss him/her badly. I just want to make you aware that he/she is still with you and blesses you from the heavenly abode of God.
  2. It is unbelievable to me that your mom/dad passed a year ago on this date. He/she loved me like his/her own child and always gave me the right advice in my difficult times. I can not refrain from smiling whenever I think about her/him.

What you should not say to a person on the death anniversary of his/her parent?

  1. Never compare any of the parents in front of the person while messaging or talking on the death anniversary of the deceased parent.
  2. You should refrain yourself from saying things like “You must be thankful for having at least one of them in the present time” because both parents are equally valuable for everyone.

Right messages to say on the death anniversary of a beloved sibling/cousin.

It is considered that siblings and cousins are the first and best friends of every child. They not only share the path of career sometimes but they also keep the secrets of each other’s personal life. Hence the bond becomes stronger. It is very difficult to accept the loss of a sibling’s or cousin’s life.

Here are some messages that you can convey to a person who has lost the first best buddy in form of a sibling or cousin on the death anniversary.

  1. It is hard to imagine for me how much you are missing your beloved brother/sister on this day when you lost him/her. I have seen the great bonding between you two and praying for your inner healing every day since that horrible day.
  2. I remember this day when (Name) bade you adieu. It will be great if we go out together on this day and do something special in honour of (name) like distributing essentials to needy people, having his/her favourite food etc. There is no pressure on you. You can spend this day according to you as well.

What to say to a co-worker on the death anniversary of his/her beloved one?

While working on the same platform you share some personal feelings along with a professional bonding. If a co-worker loses his/her loved one and you want to sympathize with them on the death anniversary, use the below-given messages for supporting them.

  1. I understand your pain of losing your(_____). Please feel free to share your emotions with me, if you want to.
  2. It is a tough day for you as you lost your close family member on this day two years back. I am right here to support and listen to you.

What you should not do while sympathizing with a co-worker or office colleague on his/her beloved’s death anniversary?

  1. You should avoid discussing this personal topic in the presence of the office staff. It can make the person uncomfortable.
  2. Always try to give the chance to that person and let him/her take the lead in this sensitive conversation.
  3. Respect his/her bonding with the deceased person and listen carefully. Your ignorance while having a conversation can hurt them badly.

There are many ways to convey a message to a person for sympathizing with him/her on the death anniversary of a beloved person. It can be an email, a text message, a personal message on social media platforms or a meeting in person for consoling. But the common thing is “Your intent” behind the message. It should be respectful toward the deceased person. You can add a memorable event while evoking that person for making the listener feel special.

Taking help from a person or any other source is completely okay if you are worried while choosing the right message for the death anniversary of someone. But do not forget to give it a personal touch with your pure feelings and emotions.

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