How to Cope With the Loss Of A Pet

October 23, 2020 0 Comments
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n animal-human bond is one of the most beautiful relationships. Our furry pets are a great source of happiness and emotional support. The loss of this unwavering companionship can be hurtful and may bring with it different kinds of emotions. Like any other grief, dealing with the loss of a pet has no quick fix, it takes time for one to heal to accept. There are certain things that you can try to move in the right direction while dealing with grief. 

The Last Journey shares some ways of coping with the loss of a pet.

  1. Take time to Accept and Grieve.

The first step of grieving is to allow yourself to accept and come in terms with the loss. Whether it was the loss of your dog, cat, or any other animal, only you know the bond and the love you had with them. Since everyone experiences loss differently, there is no need to expect certain behaviors. 

     2. Reach Out to Others and Talk. 

Reach out to a family member, a friend, a colleague, or even a stranger. Expressing your feelings and emotions can feel like a lot of burdens has been taken off you. Talk to someone who allows you to feel the pain and doesn’t make you feel bad for expressing. Talking to someone who has experienced a similar loss or going for a support group are also wise choices. 

     3. Have a Ritual for your Pet.

Having a ritual ceremony for your pet along with friends and family can allow you to bid that last goodbye. You may reach out to pet funeral services for making all the arrangements. You can even give a speech allowing yourself to vent out. The service can be as simple or as big as you want.

     4. Create a Legacy.

Memorializing is a great way of honoring your pet. It will allow you to keep alive the bond and the time you spent with them. You can do so in many ways including, creating a photo album, choosing a special burial spot with a tombstone, planting a tree, or making a donation in their name.

     5. Look After Yourself.

It can get overwhelming to deal with the loss of a pet. Look after your physical and emotional needs. Consciously make efforts to eat well and exercise. Try to incorporate a new schedule with new activities and your loved ones. 

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