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How To Make Sure Your Legacy Lives On After You’re Gone?

How To Make Sure Your Legacy Lives On After You’re Gone?
How To Make Sure Your Legacy Lives On After You’re Gone?


28 July, 2021

How To Make Sure Your Legacy Lives On After You’re Gone?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Don’t you wish you could live forever? We spend our entire lives being the main character of our life, forming relationships, creating things, and doing deeds. Whether or not we realize it, our actions and feelings are not just causing a single effect instead, creating many ripples in the world. With each day that you are living, you are not just moving forward in your life; you are leaving behind a legacy that will be remembered.

While we may have no one build a “Taj Mahal” to honour our memory, there are many unique ways to ensure that people will remember you as you want them to.

Before you start reading the ideas, take a moment to reflect and think of all the personal knowledge and lessons that you would like to pass on. After all, this is the story of your life!

15 Unique ways to leave a mark behind:

  1. Leave a legacy through your comprehension of the field of work in which you are involved.
  2. Write a book.
  3. Start a business or NGO.
  4. Donate to charities and organizations whose cause is close to your heart.
  5. Craft a video or audio recording that can be passed down to generations.
  6. Transcribe family traditions and family recipes.
  7. Be a mentor or a guide to someone.
  8. Take decisions regarding your possessions and keepsakes.
  9. Make a family tree or a family time capsule.
  10. Write a legacy letter for your loved ones – This is a chance for you to let your family, relatives, and friends know how much you love them and share your inner feelings about the same. After you pass away, this is something that they can truly treasure forever.
  11. Keep a Last Journal – It is a beautiful way for people to know who you are.
  12. Let your family know how you want to be memorialized. It can be a tree in your memory or a donation to a religious organization.
  13. Write or create an art piece such as a song or a painting.
  14. Start your online blog.
  15. Most importantly, give your time to your loved ones and mends relationships.

In the end, what really matters is how we live our lives. The only thing that exists between us living and leaving this world is the kind of impact we have on others lives. To leave a priceless legacy remember to always give more than you receive and share your knowledge and skills with others.


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