How to Transport Dead Body from Nepal to India?

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Although death is an inevitable part of life, losing someone close to you may be an extremely difficult moment. Death can strike without a warning. A deceased’s family is beset by anguish and sorrow. However, some rites must be observed, and that it is critical to transport the deceased person’s body from their site of death to their place of birth. 

It is a difficult and terrible task to transport your deceased loved one from one country to another. We frequently lack the necessary information and contacts to finish it. That is why we have provided a guide about moving a loved one from Nepal to India here. 

The death of a dear one can be a heartbreaking tragedy for you. You’re dealing with a lot of emotions that you may not be able to express openly. Furthermore, planning for the last rites of your lost loved one is one of the most difficult things to do during such times. We recognise how challenging it is to finish the strategy while balancing everything else. 

How to Transport Your Loved One From Nepal to India?

Repatriation and Embalming

Embalming is essential for dead body transportation from Nepal to India. The embalming service by a trusted funeral service, like the Last Journey, will be available on-site. Off-site embalming and preparation for international shipment may also be done. 

Following the decision to repatriate the body, the family must choose a funeral home in India as quickly as possible. The personnel of Last Journey will need to liaise with the Nepali mortuary service provider to confirm acceptance and transportation of the coffin from the relevant airline to the closest airport. Please keep in mind that choosing a single airline with as few connections as possible between Kathmandu and your final destination is usually the best option.

Remains Exportation

The following are the local regulations for the exportation of human remains:

  1. – Proper embalming and enclosing of remains 
  2. – Certificate of embalming from a doctor 
  3. – Police letter
  4. – Customs export statement 
  5. – Death certificate

These documents would need to be certified by Nepal’s authorised consular officers. Last Journey will assist you with all of the necessary paperwork and procedures to safely return your loved one to you.

What other crucial documents are needed to move a deceased person to India?

  1. The death certificate (original and seven copies)
  2. The embalming certificate (original and seven copies)
  3. A certificate authorising the transportation of the body from the Ministry of Health’s Directorate of Preventive Medicine, as well as seven copies of the certificate
  4. A letter from the sponsor mentioning that the body is sent to India for last rites, as the nearest of kin has requested.
  5. A letter from the sponsor requesting that the body be sent to India for last rites, as the nearest of kin has requested.
  6. Original passport of the deceased, plus photocopies of the first two pages, the last two pages, and the visa page 
  7. Two photocopies of the person’s passport who is accompanying the body (first two pages, last two pages, and visa page).
  8. The person who is accompanying the deceased should be present at the moment of registration to sign the death certificate. 

We understand how frightening and difficult the entire process can be to transport your loved one from Nepal to India. Last Journey funeral services offer end-to-end services for dead body transportation from Nepal to India by air, giving families peace of mind and more time. Their team has experience in domestic as well as international transportation. They provide such assistance professionally and sympathetically and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

No one can take away your grief, but the experts at Last Journey will handle everything so that you can plan a dignified funeral ceremony. You won’t have to search for businesses and service providers all around town. All of the services are customised to meet your unique needs and preferences.

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