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What is the Process of Cremation in Bangalore?

Process of cremation in bangalore
Process of cremation in bangalore


08 January, 2024

Process of cremation in bangalore

The final rites ensure salvation and peace not only for the departed soul but also for the close ones left behind. In Hindu Vedic culture, Cremation is one of those crucial final rites that leads the path of the soul and helps the grieving family in healing.

Performing the cremation ritual rightfully under the assistance of a well-versed Hindu priest with all arrangements becomes quite difficult for those who have just lost a beloved & inseparable part of the family.

To dial down the pain of such grievers to some extent, Last Journey organization serves the people professionally. Our cremation services are available in all major cities of India including Banglore.



What is the process of cremation acquired by Last Journey team in Banglore?

Last Journey takes whole & sole responsibility for guiding the client's family throughout the cremation rite professionally.

Here is the stepwise procedure followed by our highly skilled & professional teammates to offer a dignified farewell to the passed person through cremation.

  • Right after getting hired by the client's family, the team head books a slot in a nearby crematorium in Bangalore.
  • We arrange transportation facilities for the dead body and family members to access the place of cremation.
  • The team provides a list of sacred and packed "Antim Sanskar Samagri" for the cremation according to Hindu Beliefs.
  • The team also arranges the services of a well-learned and experienced priest belonging to the same religion.
  • We provide the required white cloths for the dead body as well as the family members who are participating in the cremation of their beloved one.
  • In the end, the team provides an earthen or metal urn for collecting the ashes of the cremated body for further rituals.

According to the holy and ancient scriptures of the Hindu Religion, it is believed that the path to attaining final salvation passes through "Asthi Visarjana" at a sacred location. Hence the team does not leave the hands of mourners in the middle. One can effortlessly extend our cremation services and bid a final goodbye to the departed soul with the utmost care, love and dignity.



Take a glimpse of the professional & promising cremation services of Last Journey in a detailed manner - 

1. Transportation Facility -

Bringing the deceased body safely and in a dignified manner is one of the most cumbersome tasks in front of the deceased's family members. Here Last Journey offers several options to them regarding the safe, quick, and hassle-free transportation of human remains to the crematorium.

Along with the spacious and well-equipped vehicles, Last Journey provides decoration services for these dead body-carrying ambulance vans as well. The customized floral decoration offers peace and dignity to the departed soul. The family members can express their wishes regarding specific flowers for embellishing the commuting vehicle.

2. Booking of the crematorium or cremation ground -

Last Journey's cremation services are available at nearly all the certified crematoriums and cremation grounds in Banglore. Immediate after receiving the call from clients regarding professional assistance in dignifiedly cremating the deceased one, we act according to the below-listed points -:

  • The team gives a list comprising all the cremation grounds that fall in proximity to the families' residences. It guides them in finalizing the most suitable and convenient cremation location.
  • The team asks about the day and timing of the cremation and book the vacant slot at the cremation ground accordingly.
  • The team establishes contact with the authorities of the crematorium to ensure the availability of all required facilities, cleanliness and a smooth process of dignified cremation.
  • If the deceased's family is willing to decorate the cremation place with white flowers, the team will make arrangements to fulfill the demands.
  • Last Journey provides technical assistance through quality camera setups and other tools. It enables those family members to participate virtually in the final rite of the deceased person who is unable to reach the location.
  • While booking the cremation ground, we act as a medium between the ground authorities and the family of the deceased.



3. Provision of the "Antim Sanskaar" Samagri at Cremation Ground -

Last Journey team completely understands the significance of the 'Antim Sanskar'  samagri for cremation according to Hindu Vedic beliefs. Therefore we deliver the entire kit to the deceased's family for performing cremation respectfully.

Here are the inclusions of materials in the kit provided by the team.

  • Shroud (Kafan)
  • Twine (Sutli)
  • Earthen Pot (Matka)
  • Barley Flour (Jau Ka Aata)
  • Cloth piece (Gamcha)
  • Black Sesame Seeds (Kaale Til)
  • Barley (Sabut Jau)
  • Sacred White Thread (Janeu)
  • Incense Sticks
  • Ganga Jal
  • Honey
  • Flowers and garlands
  • Gau Mutra
  • Small log of Sandlewood
  • Desi Ghee
  • Slippers (Wooden footwear or Khadau)
  • Matchbox
  • Panchrstan (Gemstones)

You can add other materials also in the kit according to some peculiar rituals followed by your family. This customizable 'Antim Samagri kit' will be delivered in a professionally packed manner. It ensures that the required material is kept intact and sacred throughout the service.

4. Assistance by a well-learned Hindu priest in cremation rituals -

The lead mourner needs appropriate guidance and preaching while performing the cremation rites with reverence. It helps the lead mourner accept the loss of life and paves the way for salvation for the departed soul.

The team asks about any specific requirements before hiring a Hindu priest for the rituals. He chants Vedic mantras for the peace of the soul and recites lessons to heal the grieving hearts of family members.

The priest hired by Last Journey organization for a Hindu Cremation ceremony holds the below-listed qualities.

  • In-depth knowledge and thorough awareness regarding the dignified cremation of a dead body for both genders male & female.
  • Enough experience in performing the cremation and other last rites after demise.
  • Detailed knowledge of the dead body preparation before the cremation rite.
  • Able to guide the lead mourner in offering peace and dignity through the valuable final rituals.
  • Perfect in performing Havan and Puja for the soulful departure of the departed soul.

5. White Clothes for family members -

The color white depicts 'peace' in unbearable moments like a close one's demise. Hence the team provides white costumes not only for the lead mourner but also for the near and dear ones who are participating in the cremation ritual. Family members can inform us regarding the numbers and sizes of the clothes.

6. Beautiful Urns for collecting ashes -

Last Journey stands firmly with the grieving families till the end of any final rites performance. After the complete and dignified cremation of the deceased body, team members assist in collecting the ashes for further rites.

The team accumulates information about the design and manufacturing material of the 'Urn' during the service booking process.  These ashes-collecting pots act as the final memory of the departed person for the family members. While the spiritual liberation of the soul is in the Asthi Visarjan ritual, this earthen or metal pot is immersed in the sacred water of the River Ganga.

Last Journey team provides a wide range of Urns to make your selection easy.

In such a professional and promising way, Last Journey team accomplishes a cremation ritual in Banglore. Apart from the listed and well-planned cremation services, the team leaves room for the embracement of the personalized requirements of the families.



At which cremation grounds or crematoriums, cremation services of Last Journey are available?

Last Journey team covers approximately all the prominent electric crematoriums and cremation Ghats and grounds of Banglore. Here's a list comprising the main cremation locations where you can avail of our professional services.

  1. Harishchandra Ghat Crematorium
  2. Banashankari Crematorium
  3. Kallahalli Crematorium
  4. Summannahalli Crematorium
  5. Yelahanka Crematorium

Our services regarding the cremation ritual encapsulate the modern electric cremation and traditional wooden cremation methods.

Why choose Last Journey for cremation services in Banglore?

The quite distinct ways of healing the grievers through professionalism and a slight touch of personal empathy enable Last Journey to outshine all the other service providers.

Take a look at our key features -:

  • Only professional and highly skilled workers are deployed to execute the services on the ground.
  • A supervisor also guides them during the ongoing process to curb the chances of delays and obstacles.
  • Along with professionalism, we pour empathy and compassion into our services to soothe the mourners.
  • The team pays complete attention to fulfilling the personalized demands of the family members.
  • The simplest way of hiring the team for professional cremation services also makes us unique. 

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