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The Vital Role of Dead Body Freezer Boxes in Modern Mortuaries

Dead Body Freezer Boxes in Modern Mortuaries
Dead Body Freezer Boxes in Modern Mortuaries


24 January, 2024

Dead Body Freezer Boxes in Modern Mortuaries

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The consistent concern regarding the safety of the deceased body deepens the traumatic experience of near and dear ones. For dialing down the extent of this concern, the appropriate utilization of the various tools plays a pivotal role. "Dead Body Freezer Box" is one such highly demanded equipment required for preventing the dead body from decomposition and any other damage caused by the outside elements. 

The funeral direction organizations deliver the qualitative 'dead body freezer box' through end-to-end service features at the doorstep of needy families. These ordinary freezer boxes or cooling cabinets keep the dead body completely secured for 6-7 hours maximum.

But the uniquely manufactured 'dead body freezer boxes' for modern mortuaries offer a range of facilities along with safe keeping of the human remains for a long duration.

Here we've rounded up a list comprising all the features and benefits of the 'dead body freezer boxes' used in modern mortuaries.

What are the distinct features and benefits of a "Dead body freezer box" in the modern mortuary?

Though the ultimate purpose of all the cooling boxes or freezing cabinets is to provide all the safety measures for the stored human remains inside them, some additional and advanced features of mortuary freezer boxes build their different profile.


  • The temperature ranges from 0-10°C.
  • A strong stainless steel body with a dual layer.
  • The separate chambers with great space.
  • Trolley with roller wheeler for relocation of dead body.
  • The automatic temperature controlling facility.
  • Safety alarm feature.
  • Door and handle fixing on each cooling chamber.


All these above-listed features of mortuary freezer boxes benefit the remains in different ways. Take a quick view of each feature with its vital advantageous roles.


1. An automatic temperature range -

Also named as a dead body storage refrigerator, morgue freezer, or mortuary fridge, these cabinets provide a favorable temperature to the human remains for remaining sustainable for a long duration. These cooling cabinets have temperatures ranging from 0-5 °C but in some freezer boxes it could be up to -10 and -15°C.

The automatic temperature-shifting process works through the PID digital controller which has a 'set value' and 'process value'. Along with the automatic temperature setting, a flat keyboard surface is also implemented in these uniquely designed mortuary dead body freezer boxes. One can use it to increase and decrease the temperature according to the needs of the human remains.


2. Stainless steel body -


The entire body of these 'dead body freezer boxes' designed for mortuaries is made up of qualitative stainless steel. The outer surface of the cabinet contains dual walls made up of mild steel or prefabricated panels while the inner surface is built of stainless steel. These layers have insulation properties in between them for smooth conduction of electricity.

Apart from a strong cabinet body, this freezing equipment is spacious enough to place the deceased body inside it with great comfort. The greater hygiene facility available in mortuary freezer boxes also makes them distinct from the ordinary ones.


3. Trolley with roller wheels -

Shifting of the deceased bodies for diverse purposes in mortuaries and hospitals is quite common. Hence the probability of damaging human remains falls on a higher side. But the hinge-insulated doors, lock, and movable trolley with rolling wheels ensure the safe relocation of the dead body. The doors hinge attached to the front side of the movable trolleys work smoothly on the 'spring door latch' concept.

Any kind of movable part is not fixed inside the cooling or freezing chamber. The trolleys are also made up of stainless steel and run on the rollers fitted with ball bearings.


4. Other Optional Features -

The structure and basic features differentiate the mortuary freezer boxes and enable them to serve the best amenities regarding the safety and dignity of the deceased body. Besides this, the additional qualities of these specifically designed cooling cabinets enhance their significance in mortuaries and hospitals.


These additional service features are -:

  • For the circulation of air inside the chamber, an Axial Fan is equipped.
  • The illumination or lighting inside the chamber is available through LED lights.
  • The audio and video alarm facilities are also available in the modern dead body freezer boxes.
  • In the case of a sudden power cut, the battery backup advantage enables these dead-body freezer boxes to immediately maintain the temperature.
  • The voltage stabilizing facility ensures the smooth working of the cooling boxes designed for the mortuaries.


At which places these 'dead body freezer boxes' are utilized frequently?


The usual and customized dead body freezer boxes are frequently used at the below-given locations.

  1. Hospitals
  2. Railways
  3. Airports
  4. Disaster camps
  5. Army camps
  6. Army hospitals

At these places, the highly advanced dead body freezer boxes are used to store the dead bodies in large numbers and for a long duration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What is the key importance of a 'dead body freezer box' in modern mortuaries?

A - Such differently designed cooling chambers store the human remains more comfortably with a favorable temperature inside for a long duration like days or weeks.:

Q - What is the temperature range available inside the mortuary freezer boxes?

A - Usually the temperature range present in all freezer boxes used in modern mortuaries lies between 0-5°C but the customized or distinctly designed cabinets have temperature ranges up to -10°C to -15°C.:

Q - How long a dead body can be kept inside the dead body freezer boxes designed for mortuaries?

A - It can be stored inside the cooling cabinet for nearly 2 weeks. The advanced version of dead body freezer boxes can store bodies for higher time period than 2 weeks.:

Q - What is the price of a dead body freezer box with Advance Features And Amenities Used In The Modern Mortuaries?

A - The price range of a qualitative dead body freezer box lies between INR 146000 to INR 600000 approximately. It varies according to the equipped technological features inside it.:

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