What Does a Funeral Director Do and why Do I Need One?

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Making arrangements regarding the last rituals of a departed person like a funeral, cremation,  burial, and prayer meeting when you are going through a tough phase is very difficult and overwhelming. Everyone seeks support during these tough moments to alleviate their grief and calm their mental instability. Apart from taking help from family members and friends, you have another option as well and this option is – taking help from a funeral direction team. The skilled and professional workers of a funeral direction team know how to complete arrangements on time and efficiently. You can decrease the level of your stress by hiring a reliable team that can support you with its promising services.

Here is the information regarding the importance of a funeral direction team.

Work of a funeral director.

The role of a funeral director poses many responsibilities. There are so many works that are associated with the job of a funeral direction team. Some of the main and most important works are given below-

  • Providing funeral vehicle
  • Arrangements related to floral tribute
  • Cremation according to the choice of family
  • Burial
  • Help in legal and administrative work like issuing a death certificate.
  • Repatriation of dead bodies from other countries
  • Arranging prayer meetings
  • Organizing final rituals like tehravin/ chautha, Brahman bhoj, Shanti pooja, pind daan and pagadi rasam etc.

Along with all these tasks, there is a most important responsibility that a funeral director must fulfill and that is supporting the bereaving people with care and sympathy. Receiving them cordially and resolving their problems will help them in processing the pain of losing a close family member or a friend A funeral director must consider and respect the religious faith and beliefs of all communities. They should adopt the way of performing last rites according to the service user’s wish.

How can a Funeral Director help you and what things you should keep in your mind before hiring a funeral director?

A team of well-skilled and professional workers who belong to a funeral direction team takes the entire responsibility of arranging a funeral, cremation, burial and prayer meetings. Apart from these works a funeral director also helps in the repatriation process. They help in informing the embassies of both involved countries, issuing the necessary legal papers or documents and booking two-way tickets for cargo shipping. Hiring a funeral direction team not only lessens the grief of a family but also enhances the pace of the ongoing process. They avoid many mistakes that can lead to a long-duration delay while performing the last rites of a departed soul. Performing the last rites for the liberation of a soul after demise is a timely process. Hence you must match the timing of this important event before finalizing a funeral direction team.

Here are some points that you must keep in your head when you are picking a funeral director.

  • Make them aware of the timing of the event. – You should provide a list of the family members and friends whom you want to invite for attending the last rituals of the departed soul. This way you can make the funeral direction team aware of the timing of the event.
  • Talk about the services they provide. – Making the entire team clear about your demands will ease the process of working. As an example, if you want a traditional cremation then they will show you the options related to only traditional cremation. But if you want the CNG cremation they will present the option related to this procedure. Giving clarification regarding your choices help both, the service user and provider to lead the process further.
  • Establish transparency regarding the cost of services.- A funeral director provides its services according to package prices. You must try to get the best services at possible accurate prices. For avoiding any misunderstanding you should clarify the cost of services twice before finalizing it.
  • Check reviews before fixing the first meeting with your funeral director.- It is important to look at the level of people’s satisfaction who had taken the help from the same funeral direction team. Their opinions and reviews will help you in taking an important decision.

Last journey organization as a well-known funeral direction team.

Last journey team is emerging as the leading funeral direction team on a national as well as an international basis. The skilled and professional team members are so adept at the working methods that they fully satisfy their service consumers with their promising service offerings. We provide a detailed explanation regarding the services in which we have expertise. For a glimpse of our key services, you can read the following points.

  1. Last journey is unique because of its end-to-end service-providing feature. We understand the pain of losing someone so we try to keep the family members free of all responsibility. This helps in spending time with their loved one and processing their immense grief.
  2. Our team believes in the concept of punctuality. Timely and perfect services are our priorities.
  3. We respect the faiths and beliefs of all religions, communities, sects and subsects. We follow the orders of the departed person’s family to satisfy them with our services.
  4. There is no discrimination in our service offerings for any person. It does not matter to us that the person belongs to which religion, caste and gender. We equally treat the people according to our service policies.

What you can expect from Last Journey organization as a funeral direction team?

Here is the list of the services that last journey provides as a funeral direction team.

  • Arranging a funeral for a departed person.
  • Providing coffin boxes, freezing boxes and mortuary vans for safely keeping the deceased body.
  • Providing vehicles for funeral procession according to the demand of family members.
  • Cremation of the body- traditional way, electronic cremation, CNG cremation.
  • Arrangements regarding prayer meetings, shanti pooja, chautha/ teharavin, Brahman bhoj, pind daan, pagadi rasam, cremation at religious places like Haridwar, Varanasi etc.

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