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What are the pros and cons of Mausoleums?

What are the pros and cons of Mausoleums?
What are the pros and cons of Mausoleums?


27 December, 2022

What are the pros and cons of Mausoleums?

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There are several ways to dispose of the deceased bodies and these ways vary from one religion or sect to another one. Some choose to cremate the deceased body while some bury that beneath the ground.

“A mausoleums is a place where the family members keep the deceased body for eternal rest. One can place the casket carrying the human remains inside another small room-shaped structure named Crypt.”

Usually, a crypt houses a single casket carrying human remains but some have enough room for placing two caskets parallelly. The process of shifting the body inside a crypt is named Entombment.

When you turn towards the pros and cons of Mausoleums, you find both aspects. In some ways, it offers the best and most secure indoor place to the deceased one while sometimes it creates a few obstacles for the family as well.

Here is a detailed analysis of the pros and cons of placing a casket in a Mausoleums.

How it is beneficial as a distinct way to dispose of the body?

Mausoleums turns out beneficial in many ways like,

1. Privacy and security of the casket

When it comes to leaving a beloved family member alone, safety comes first for the family even after the demise. Crypts not only secure the caskets from bad weather and any external jolt but also offer a private space to family and friends for remembering the life journey of the deceased one.

2. All-time accessibility

During the winters, the ground becomes stiff or rigid. Hence burying the body beneath the ground will be very difficult or impossible for the workers of cemeteries. While Mausoleums does not get affected by any kind of weather conditions. This option not only wipes out all the worries regarding the placing of the casket in the winter season but saves the casket from deterioration in the winter season. It also makes your visit easy during winter as the casket is present inside the crypt.

3. Less space consuming

In the present times when the increasing population is creating so many difficulties in nearly every domain, disposing of the bodies is not unaffected by it. The cremation and burial processes take so much time and space in disposing of the body in a dignified manner but placing the remains inside a crypt does not require much time and space. The vertical placing of caskets creates excess room for the second casket also.

4. Gives company to other family members

Separation from beloved family members after the death haunts everyone. Mausoleums offers you a place where the remains of two or three family members can be placed. You can visit the mausoleum once but gain the blessings and love of all the departed family members at a time.

5. Customization of the crypt

One can also add a personal touch to the separate resting place of departed loved ones. A customized design or decoration of the mausoleums is also possible. Some cemeteries also do not restrict the visiting hours for the family members if the mausoleums is completely private.

What are the cons of Mausoleum?

Despite helping in several ways, Mausoleums create some problems for the remains placed inside and for the family members while visiting.

1. Deterioration with passing time

Like tombstones and graveyards, mausoleums also start deteriorating with each passing time. One can see the visible effects of strong storms and unpleasant weather on the mausoleumsafter ages. You can make this natural damage fix but it requires a good payable amount.

2. Visitors can sense odor

It is also due to some natural impacts on the casket. Though the makers build a ventilated and well-structured casket, sometimes the body inside the casket starts decomposing rapidly and spreads the odor. While in the case of ground burial, the deceased body starts decomposing inside the ground and the odor mixes up with the soil so there is no or less chance of bad odor in the ground burials.

For avoiding these problems you must check the construction of the casket. There must be some place for proper ventilation in it. The placing of the casket inside the crypt should be appropriate so that it can release gases and odor.

3. A little bit expensive in comparison to other body disposition methods

When it comes to providing a place for eternal resting to the departed souls of your family, money becomes secondary. But not everyone can afford the family mausoleum as it requires a handsome payable amount. While ground burial does not need a huge amount and extra care.

4. Casket explosion inside the crypt

This activity can create a myth among people that the departed soul is coming out of the casket but the reason behind the explosion is completely different from it. Due to the inappropriate and loose fitting of the lid and the accumulation of gases inside the casket turns out into an explosion of the casket.

You must check the spacing and airtight closing lid while buying the casket. A good quality casket and mausoleum do not create such problems even after decades.

5. Not available at each cemetery

This expensive and distinct way of disposing of the deceased body is not available in all cemeteries. You should check and ask the authorities of the cemetery before making up your mind about providing a final resting place as a mausoleum for your loved ones.

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