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Dilip Kumar: Tragedy King of Bollywood

Dilip Kumar: Tragedy King of Bollywood
Dilip Kumar: Tragedy King of Bollywood


21 July, 2021

Dilip Kumar: Tragedy King of Bollywood

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Dilip Kumar, the man who stole every woman’s heart in India, was one of the most iconic sensations of the country. His persona charmed everyone in the Bollywood industry, and he was a role model for many aspiring actors. 

Dilip Kumar, born as Yusuf Khan, passed away at the age of 98 years on 7th June 2021 in a hospital in Mumbai after dealing with a prolonged illness. He was suffering from prostate cancer that had eventually spread to other organs of his body. He will be accorded with a state funeral as mentioned by Maharashtra’s Chief Minister. Audiences from different generations were enthralled by his cinematic expertise and he continued to captivate everyone throughout his career. 

Dilip Kumar as an inspiration

Some of Dilip Kumar’s sensational movie hits were Devdas, Ganga Jamuna, Mughal-e-Azam, Ram aur Shyam and many more. These blockbuster movies were celebrated for his brilliant performance and his acting skills always left his audience speechless. When it came down to his styling and performance, he was a trendsetter. Mr Kumar was known as one of the legends of golden age cinema. He showcased himself as an outstanding actor, a sparkling intellect, and a humble man, stealing every woman’s heart in the country and winning everybody’s respect.

When questioned about his great acting skills, his most iconic answer was, “there is nothing like great actors and great acting; there is only good actors and good acting”. His originality was inspiring for a lot of aspiring actors as they drew some of his qualities and behavioral traits. So many actors from the current generation see him as an inspiration and respect him for maintaining a reputable image. 

Dilip Kumar: Achievements  

  • Dilip Kumar debut film was in the year 1944, known as “Jwar Bhata”, which he landed after meeting the actress Devika Rani and her husband. This is the time when he acquired his screen name Dilip Kumar. 
  • Legendary Dilip Kumar’s first blockbuster was the movie “Jugnu” in the year 1947. After the release of this movie, he was bombarded with movie offers with other brilliant actors. 
  • In 1949, India’s top grossing film ever was released, called “Andaz”. The movie was about a love triangle between Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor and Nargis. 
  • In 1960, he won a Filmfare Best Actor Award for his stellar performance in the movie “Kohinoor”. 
  • One of the best performances he has ever given was in the movie “Devdas”, which came out in the year 1955. He successfully played a role of a lover who wastes a chunk of his life consuming alcohol and was involved in a love triangle. This movie is labelled as the epitome of Tragedy King. 

Dilip Kumar


Dilip Kumar’s performance and incredible acting skills have changed the quality of actors in the country and all his movies are appreciated for the effort he has put into them. Additionally, he has worked with renowned actors of the country and gained popularity with them. Many celebrities and his co-stars have a lot to say regarding his unfortunate demise. Dilip Kumar will always be an idol for everyone in the Bollywood industry and he will continue to inspire everyone with his everlasting charming personality.

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