【What do】You Wear to a Celebration of Life Event?

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Celebrating life after loss may sound a bit over the top. Even though we are overwhelmed with many emotions, we tend to occupy ourselves in conducting all the funeral arrangements and following all the religious customs. While it is very crucial to conduct the funeral service respectfully, we many times oversee the fact that the lost loved one’s life deserves to be celebrated. 

A Celebration of life event for your lost loved one is meant to focus on the good memories and the positive aspects of the deceased person’s life. It is a way to remember and cherish the life of your loved one. Appreciating the relationship that we had with the loved one, honouring their nature, interests, achievements, and even the mistakes will allow us to have a space to pay a good farewell. You can also read some creative celebration of life ideas for a memorable day. 

When it comes to what to wear to a memorial service we know the customs and codes that revolve around the dressing. On the other hand, choosing what to wear at a celebration of life event can be a bit more challenging than that. The ceremony is more casual than the funeral service but we should maintain respect towards other family members.

Things to consider before deciding what to wear:

If you are in doubt regarding the proceedings of the event, ask the host to get more clear. Keep in the mind the following things.

  1. The type of celebration of life event. Is it a formal party at a corporate venue? or is it an informal gathering in a park? or is it a house gathering? Dress as per the information.
  2. Activities scheduled for the event. Will, there be any group activity such as gardening, storytelling, or any sport? It is important to be prepared for any such different activity.
  3. Lastly, the hour of the ceremony and the weather during the year.

What to wear to a celebration of life event:

Coming to what exactly one can wear at a celebration of life. Here are some of the options to consider to make sure that you are dressed appropriately and respectfully.

Adults – If the family that is hosting the event has given a dress code then one must stick to that. If not you should stay cautious by wearing something conservative and not too revealing. It shows your respect towards the deceased and the mourning family. 

When it comes to colours depending on the type of occasion you can decide to choose. If it’s a formal party you may consider wearing darker colours such as black or dark blue. In the case of a little lively event go for colours such as pink, green, yellow, or red. 

A woman can go with jeans, pants, tops, shirts, simple dresses, heels and flats. Whereas men can choose from shirts, t-shirts, jeans, formal pants, shoes, or boots. 

Children – When it comes to dressing up children there is more flexibility. Dress them up in whatever they are comfortable. Just make sure the clothes are clean.

What not to wear to a celebration of life event:

  1. Don’t move away from the theme if given one. You should pay close attention if the family of the deceased has kept a theme. It may be a tribute to the lost person and following it shows your respect and regards. 
  2. Anything that you feel might be too distracting or catchy try to avoid. It may not be appropriate when you are honouring someone’s life. This includes super bright colours or very catchy prints.
  3. Avoid footwear such as flip flops that may seem too comfortable. Go with a put-together image by wearing closed-toed shoes. 

Understandably, acknowledging and celebrating a person who has passed away may feel overwhelming. You should know that as time passes your emotions will change and you would have wanted a good remembrance day in the memory of the lost person. There is no wrong or right way to conduct the event or to wear the proper attire. Just remember to keep the feelings of the mourning family in mind. 

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