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What Is The Significance of Amavasya in Hinduism?

What Is The Significance of Amavasya in Hinduism?
What Is The Significance of Amavasya in Hinduism?


07 October, 2022

What Is The Significance of Amavasya in Hinduism?

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In Hinduism, the new moon night is known as Amavasya. It’s the first night of the lunar month’s first quarter. Amavasya is also known as “no moon night” since the moon is not visible during the day. In Hinduism, this night  has a significant spiritual importance. Many Hindus pick this night to make a tarpanam (offering) to their ancestors who have passed away. The question of whether Amavasya is auspicious or not is still a matter of debate. 


In India, the word ‘Amavasya’ is widely used in all regional languages. The Shukla Paksha refers to the fortnight that begins with Amavasya (bright half of the month). Mauni Amavasya in the Hindu month of Magh (January-February) and Mahalaya Amavasya in the Hindu month of Ashwayuja (September-October) are both considered auspicious. Similarly, in Tamil Nadu, the month of Aadi is quite important. In Kerala, the Amavasya in the Karkidakam month is significant. 


What is Amavasya associated with?


Amavasya is related to Moksha, or salvation. This is an excellent day to begin your spiritual journey. It’s perfect for getting the interior cleaning process started. 


Though there’s nothing to look for outside, which is why there’s no moon today. All we have to do now is clear the dust of ignorance from our minds and sense the presence of the Supreme Truth inside us.


Shiva is related with this day, since he is the one who forces open our forcibly closed inner self to expose us to the light of truth.

What must be done on Amavasya?


  1. Giving water and food to forefathers and ancestors in memory.
  2. Various people observe a partial fast (Upvas) or a total fast on the day in some areas.
  3. Full silence – some devotees observe the day in complete silence. Silence should not be imposed. Internal silence is also necessary. When the mind is continually bickering and wandering, there’s no purpose in not talking.

Superstitions associated with the month of Amavasya


Amavasya is widely regarded as the best day for practising black magic and bad deeds, thanks to popular Indian films. Because there is no moon on this night, it is completely dark, which is suitable for invoking demonic energies.


There are several legends about ghosts, rakshasas, and goblins appearing on this  night.


During this time, it is also believed that the souls of wandering live beings become more active.


It was once advised against travelling on this night. The reasoning is that there is no moonlight, which might result in a great deal of difficulty and danger.


Many astrologers advise avoiding holding any big ceremonies on this day because the moon and other important Hindu planets are not visible. On this day, individuals in some areas undertake particular auspicious deeds. However, there are few new beginnings or noteworthy rituals on this day.


In many areas, trees are not cut on the day of the event. Carpenters in some areas do not work on weekdays.


The transition from Amavasya to Purnima (full moon) is symbolic of gradual enlightenment and transcendence into fullness. From obscurity to increasing recognition of the Supreme Soul.

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