Memorial Service

Memorial Service

Losing a loved one is commonly considered as one of the most heartbreaking events that anyone can go through. Any amount of condolences will not be enough to compensate for such a tragedy. You wouldn’t get the mental assistance you need to begin planning your loved one’s funeral ceremony. You will need to hire Last Journey, who are without a doubt one of the most reputable memorial or funeral service providers in the country. They will help you get through such  painful and stressful situations. It is our responsibility to be in charge of making all the necessary arrangements, including the transportation as well.

    • 24×7 Funeral and Cremation Services for your Loved One
    • Quick Arrangements over the Phone
    • Reliable Transportation Services

    • Unique and Personalized Ways to Memorialise your Loved One
    • Personal Delivery of Cremated Remains and Memorial Products
    • Arrangement for Urns, Caskets, Gravestones, etc.

Make Your Loved One’s Last Moments Memorable

Last Journey offers a wide choice of memorials, burial headstones, funeral invitation cards and caskets. Our goal is to meet each of your specific requirements. Furthermore, we can also produce a variety of flower arrangements in a variety of forms, styles, and colours to suit your preferences. Our knowledgeable personnel will assist you in retaining this knowledge. Last Journey will attend to every element of the event in the most professional, courteous, and polite manner possible.

Unique Ways to Memorialize Your Loved One

The Last Journey believes that celebrating life not only honours your loved one’s life, but also helps you heal. A gracious farewell will be honoring the contributions of the deceased, remembering their personalities, interests, achievements, and even mistakes. We will organize a celebration of life, create video tributes, plant a memorial tree, start a charity in their name, and other events. 

Get Professional Assistance Throughout the Process

Last Journey’s skilled and experienced personnel will assist you in the pre memorial planning. Individuals will be able to plan their own funerals with the assistance of pre-planning Funeral Services. You will be able to avoid any form of inconvenience or issue for your loved one if you choose their funeral service. In this way, you can show respect to the soul who has passed on.



What is a memorial service?

A memorial service is a funeral service that does not include a casket or urn. It’s similar to a typical funeral, but it gives a family more scheduling options. It might happen months or even a year after a person has died.

How is a memorial different from a celebration of life or a funeral?

Consider a memorial service to be in the middle of the range of possible service formats. The more officially structured funeral ceremony is one end of the spectrum. The celebration-of-life, on the other hand, is a gathering in which the deceased’s life – their hobbies, intellectual pursuits, and personal accomplishments are the centre of attention. A memorial service could be described as a mild blend of the two, yet each memorial service is truly unique.

What type of memorial service is right for my family?

Last Journey will present you with a range of possibilities and walk you through your options, as well as give recommendations to pick your ideal memorial service. Our many ways of memorializing your loved ones, including urns, caskets, gravestones, etc.

How much should I be involved in the memorial service?

You’ll make crucial decisions about other details together, but once those are made, you may either “stand back” and let Last Journey handle everything or give us as much input as you like.