Procedure to Transport Dead Body to Assam & Some Vital Process!

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Assam is one of northeastern India’s Eight Sister states. Assam’s culture is a fusion of Indo Burmese, Mongolian, and Aryan influences, and it is known for its rich culture and diverse population. This lovely country, also known as the “Land of Red Rivers and Blue Hills,” is a mini-paradise with unspoilt natural landscapes that are worth exploring for their pristine beauty. The state’s people are known as Axomiyas, and the state’s official language is Axomiya (Assamese), which is also the most generally spoken.

Every year, a considerable number of tourists flock to Assam to take in the state’s stunning architecture, wildlife, and tea plantations. There are also many Assamese locals transport to nearby cities for travel or work purposes. During such times when our loved ones are away from us, when we hear the unfortunate news of their death we’re left perplexed and confused.  If you aren’t aware of the procedure or the steps of dead body transportation from Delhi to Dimapur Assam, or Bangalore to Dibrugarh, this blog is for you.

The method of transporting a body to Assam via air is more efficient. We at Last Journey methodically prepare all post-death operations to guarantee that the deceased is delivered to their family in the best possible condition.

Once a person has been confirmed dead by a doctor, you must take the following steps:

How Can you Transport a Dead Body to Another State like Assam in India


  • How to obtain a death certificate from a nearby hospital?

It is necessary to register a death in order to establish the time and date of death, to release the individual from social, legal, and official duties, to settle property inheritance, and to authorise the family to receive insurance and other benefits.

You must first register the death before applying for a death certificate. Within 21 days following the death, the registrar must be notified and the death must be registered with the appropriate municipal authorities. After adequate verification, a death certificate is issued.

The application form you’ll need to fill out is normally accessible from the local government or the registrar who keeps track of deaths in the region.

You may also need to submit proof of the deceased’s birth, an affidavit detailing the deceased’s death date and time, a copy of the ration card, and the requisite fee in the form of court fee stamps.

  1. Where can you obtain the letter of authorization from? 

Close relatives of the deceased must collect the death certificate or postmortem certificate from the hospital or police station after the person has died. For all fatalities, a ‘no objection certificate’ (NOC) from the police authority is required. A formal request for embalming from the head of the embassy is required for foreign nationals, in addition to the death and no objection certificate.

  1. Why to look for an embalmer?

If the deceased’s last rites are to be conducted more than 24 hours after death, embalming is recommended. This is especially true in Bangalore during the summer. In the winter, a 6-hour extra margin (equivalent to 30 hours) may be granted. If the delay is less than 48 hours after death, the body can be stored in a morgue, where it will be maintained cold preserved. If the body is to be transported across great distances by air, rail, or road, embalming is required. After embalming, the institution issues an embalming certificate certifying the body fit for transportation. This will be used for cargo clearance in aircraft and at checkpoints or for land transportation.

  1. When can you get the coffin certificate?

Once the embalming is completed, you must schedule coffin box certifications with the nearby funeral houses. It is critical to verify that the coffin box is brand new and supplied by a reputable undertaker. All necessary documents, such as the death certificate, post mortem copy, police NOC, embalming certificate, coffin certificate, and the contact information for the funeral service representative (in the event of an unescorted transport) who will receive the deceased at the airport’s cargo terminal, should be kept on hand. Make arrangements for a mortuary ambulance to transport the human remains from the hospital to the airport well in advance.

  1. How to book an Air reservation ticket?

A dead person cannot be transported in the cargo of every aircraft. Check the availability of those who permit this service. You can either accompany the deceased body on the journey or have it picked up by a relative, friend, or a funeral home employee at the destination airport.

The final step is to arrange for the cargo and flight for the family member accompanying the body. There is some other paperwork you’ll need for cargo clearance as well (embalming certificate, coffin certificate, etc.). All of these steps will be guided by our funeral director. He has all of the necessary knowledge to assist you with the documents and legalities.

Are you looking for dead body transportation from Hyderabad to Guwahati, or Mumbai to Kamakhya, Assam? Those seeking to relocate a deceased person from another city to Assam, and vice versa. Last Journey’s expert staff prepares the cadaver for the flight. We have an advantage over the competition because we have been in the funeral industry for several years.

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