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What to Say When Someone Passes Away

What to Say When Someone Passes Away
What to Say When Someone Passes Away


06 July, 2022

What to Say When Someone Passes Away

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It is very hard to console the people who have just lost a close family member. Picking the right words to sympathize with family and friends is not easy. Everyone wants to express their grief over the inconsolable loss but they think before saying anything that are they using the right words while doing this?

Here you can get some help in the context of picking the right words for expressing grief through a message, phone call or a personal meeting. You can show love and care for your family members and friends through these words.

What are the Ways to Show Sympathy to a Person who is Facing Unfortunate Moments?

People usually become blank when they suddenly listen about an unfortunate incident. But there are some ways through which you can mourn the grief and show your love and care towards the departed soul. These ways are,

  1. You can share those best memories that you have made with the deceased person with the family members and friends.
  2. You can express your respect towards the departed soul.
  3. You can share the moments when the departed soul helped you in something.

 The Most Suitable set of words that you can use on Someone’s Demise

Here is the list of those most suitable words which will help you in a sorrowful state to express grief and devastation.

  1. I was very shocked when I listened to this unpleasing news.
  2. I am very sorry from the core of my heart for your loss.
  3. This tragic news scattered me completely when I came across it.
  4. He/ she was the gem person. I will miss him/her throughout my life.
  5. I will keep the departed soul in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you great peace and strength.
  6. The loss feels like a personal loss.
  7. Imagining your mental state is not easy. May you get the strength to sail through this tough time.
  8. I am thinking of you in the time of such devastation. I am wishing you peace and power to face this grief.

Asking about the requirements of a grieving person can be the best way to console them so you can ask for such things.

  1. A mourning person needs someone’s presence so you can offer them your time. You can stay at their places by saying that you are here with them in this tough situation. Usually, people express their vulnerable feelings by mourning in someone’s presence by sharing memories. You should reply to them in a supportive manner.
  2. You can make a conversation with the people who are suffering from mental agony after the demise of a very close person. You can say that if they want to do a chat, I am there for it. This will heal them in a great manner.
  3. A grieving person becomes most vulnerable after the demise of a family member. They need help in everything so your small gesture of providing help will be very supportive for them. You can ask, is there anything I can help you with? You can help them by giving meals or doing home chores.
  4. You should ask about their well-being frequently. A simple question like, how are you doing now? Are you okay? gives them support and they feel like someone is still caring for them. Asking a question gives them a chance to open up themselves and talk about their pain and suffering.
  5. It is quite normal that people do not know what to say but being genuine to a mourning person can pacify them. You can say what you are feeling at that time like, ” I do not know what to say about your immense loss.” You can use these words to start a communication.

It is not necessary to make a phone call or send a voice message to your family member or a friend about someone’s demise as most people find it tough to talk about it. You can also send a written note. This will be the best way to show your concern, love and care.

Be careful and avoid these words or sayings

Some people use a few words that hurt the grieving people instead of consoling them. You must avoid these words.

  1. He or she is now in a better place. It shows that the departed person was not in a better place before the demise.
  2. There is a reason behind every incident. Nobody will like it.
  3. You should stop crying or mourning now. Crying or mourning is the best way to calm the soul.
  4. At least he or she did not suffer for a long period.
  5. I can understand how you are feeling now.
  6. It takes time but you will move on.
  7. At least he or she lived a long life.

With the right set of words, you can support the person who is losing hope. Words become the best healer at this tough time.

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