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Should we celebrate the legacy of the person who died?

Should we celebrate the legacy of the person who died
Should we celebrate the legacy of the person who died


15 April, 2024

Should we celebrate the legacy of the person who died

The painful demise of a beloved family member or close friend aches the heart till eternity and nothing can curb the extent of grief. However, honoring the deceased person through celebrating his/her legacy might deviate the focus from disheartening moments.

Celebrating life and legacy not only enables the departed soul to attain peace and honor but the bereaved ones also shift the focus from the unbearable absence of the deceased one.

Here we'll learn about the significance of the "Celebration of Legacy" along with the appropriate ways of celebrating it.

Why it is important to celebrate the life and legacy of a departed family member?

Akin to offering dignified last rites to the departed soul, respecting the deceased person through celebrating his/her legacy is an inseparable part of the human journey.

Here are some major causes that compel a family to choose life celebration over mourning the loss.

  1. Making the world apprised of the inspiring life journey through the celebration of the legacy of a deceased person is one of the most strengthening reasons behind this notion.
  2. The favorite and funny memories and endearing anecdotes of the deceased's life will help in wiping the tears and making a wide curve of smile.
  3. This celebration conveys closure to each family member as well as the departed soul. It ensures that the principles built by the departed one will be continued till eternity.
  4. Through the event of "Life & legacy celebration," the grieving family of the deceased person can obtain the support of the society.
  5. The ways of "Legacy celebration" include too many noble acts to serve society. With the help of this unique event, the family can offer peace to the departed soul by performing his/her desirable donation or contribution.
  6. Each family member from a kid to the eldest one can share its one-of-a-kind bonding with the deceased person and lessen the pain of their heavy hearts.
  7. The celebration of life and legacy could be the last ritual to honor the deceased person and an event in which you can introduce the personality of the deceased to the younger generation of the family.
  8. It involves all the close friends, family members, neighbors and colleagues whom with the deceased person shared a strong bond. Their presence and reverence towards his/her life journey will please and comfort the deceased soul.

What are the most impactful ways of "Celebrating the Life and Legacy" of the departed person?

Well, there's is nothing like a right or wrong way of "Celebrating the Legacy" of a person after his/her demise but the idea shortlisted by the family of the deceased must be touching, sensitive and memorable.

Here we have rounded up the list of a handful of impressive ideas to celebrate the life journey with pride and grace.

1. An evocable show of the beautiful memories -:

There's nothing more beautiful and inspiring than planning a trip down memory lane on the occasion of celebrating the legacy of a beloved one. To evoke a range of emotions from laughter to tears, you can promise healing with all the family members and give a sense of closure to the departed one.

  • You can gather every near and dear one on the occasion and play a remarkable Memory Slide Show with the favorite music or songs of the deceased person.
  • Placing the albums and scrapbooks on the tables of attendees will connect them with the entire journey of the departed one.
  • The event of the "Legacy Celebration" can be even more memorable when you allow all the attendees to share a lovely memory attached to the deceased person.

In such ways, the event of "life & legacy celebration" will leave an indelible imprint on all the family members as well as attendees.

2. A green way to celebrate the life journey of the deceased person -:

If the departed person had a keen inclination towards plantation and greenery, you can tribute his/her life journey distinctly. Planting a tree can convey the best message of life's journey from birth to death.

Here are the best ways to celebrate the legacy through plantation.

  • Select some of the saplings of the deceased person's choice and choose a venue to plant them in the name of the departed soul.
  • The number of saplings or trees could be linked with the age of the deceased person.
  • Each year, the family of the deceased person can visit the location of the plantation. The growth of the tree will remind the life journey of the departed soul.
  • You can take the help of professional gardeners to develop a beautiful garden in the loving memory of the deceased person. A variety of colorful flowers will remind you of the vibrant personality of your beloved one.
  • You can ask the close ones of the departed person to bring seeds and saplings in the beloved memory of the beloved one for "Celebrating the Life Journey & Legacy" through the plantation event.

3. A melodious memorable event for celebrating legacy -:

A great way to emit the extreme pain of heavy hearts is by honoring the departed soul through a musical homage. You can plan the "Celebration of the Legacy" by choosing some endearing melodies that were heard fondly by the departed soul.

Here are a few great ways to give a musical tribute to the person you have lost physically.

  • Arrange a small yet significant event where you can play the series of the deceased's favorite songs.
  • The guests or attendees of the celebration of life event can dedicate a unique song that shows a lovely bond between the deceased person and the attendee.
  • You can play a video taken from the life journey of the departed person on a big screen and attach it with his/her favorite song.
  • Preparing a playlist of all the favorite songs of the deceased person during the event and connecting it with a specific incident of the departed person's life will be quite interesting and soothing for each attendee.

4.  Light up the whole sky in the honor of the departed soul -

There's something magical and meaningful about lighting the sky in the lovely remembrance of the departed family member. The sparkling visuals of the enlightened sky will surely pave the way for mourners to heal from the immense loss and give closure to the departed soul.

Take a look at the diverse ways of life celebration through flying lanterns in the sky.

  • Allow each close one to fly the sky lanterns with a unique message written on them.
  • Instead of lanterns, you can utilize a bunch of colorful balloons but lanterns are more eco-friendly.

5.  Plan a donation drive in the beloved memory of the deceased person -:

Nothing can satisfy and comfort the soul other than offering a helping hand to needy people. The family and close friends of the departed person can choose a location where old age persons, orphan kids or other needy people are residing.

  • Select some unique things for donating to needy people.
  • You can plan a lunch for the orphan kids or old persons in memory of the person who passed away.

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How does personalization play a pivotal role in "Celebrating the life & legacy" of the deceased person?

Through thoughtful and meaningful planning, a family or close ones can make the whole event more engaging, touching and personalized.

These ideas will add a sense of personalization to the "celebration of life & legacy" event.

  • Selecting the unique location that was frequently visited by the departed person.
  • Favorite music will add a personalized effect to the event.
  • Donating the favorite food and drinks of the departed person to needy people will help you cherish memorable moments in a personalized way.
  • All the attendees can choose the specific color and style of clothes that was frequently preferred by the departed person.
  • The family can offer or gift a personalized thing to all the attendees or the needy people to convey the legacy of the departed person.

How can you plan a perfect and evocable "Celebration of Life & Legacy" event?

Though the inclusion of all the family members, bosom friends and close neighbors in planning and executing the event makes it most impressive, you can hire a professional funeral direction organization to cut down some of your responsibilities.

The well-versed, learned and professional team of event managing organization or funeral direction organization will transform the whole event into a meaningful one through their innovative ideas and perfect execution of the services.

After hiring a professional team to plan the event, all the family members can heal each other with great attention, love, and care. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why it is essential to celebrate the legacy of the departed soul?

To continue the principled approach of living a life to eternity, the family of the deceased should celebrate the legacy of the person who is not present in a physical appearance on the earth.:

Who must be invited to celebrate the legacy of the deceased person?

All the near and dear ones including family, friends, colleagues and neighbors should be present to attend the memorable event.:

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