Why should everyone have a dignified funeral service?

January 28, 2021 0 Comments
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While the deceased may have expressed their last wishes to the lost ones, many people generally don’t talk about it, leaving back the family confused regarding the conduction of the funeral service. 

Funeral rituals go back to many years ago! Humans have always felt the need to bid a proper farewell with dignity, respect, and honor. The funeral service is symbolic of our beliefs, thoughts, and feelings regarding the loved one. It not only serves as a gathering to pry for the soul but gives the mourning family a platform to express their grief. One can either organize a simple funeral or an extravagant one, depending on individual wishes. 

Here is why everyone should have a dignified funeral service.

  1. Help us with acceptance of the loss

Funeral service will allow the mourners to accept the reality and start with their journey of grief. It marks the transition of relationships from a physical one to one of the memories. Without a public funeral service, the demise can have more psychological effects. 

      2. Allows us to get together and pray for the lost soul

The traditional funeral service consisted of a lot of rituals to allow the soul to achieve peace. With a funeral service, we come together with all the well-wishers to pray and send positive vibrations in the memory of the deceased. The rituals that are conducted gives a sense of calm to the family of the deceased.  

      3. Share grief with family and friends

If we keep our feelings bottled up, it tends to have a much bigger impact. A funeral service will provide the mourners with a safe place to express themselves. Not only can one talk about their grief, but you are also putting your feelings into action by conducting the rituals. The families offer a caring hug, which shows us that our loved one is missed and we are not alone.

     4. Honor and celebrate the life of the deceased

When we are conducting a dignified funeral service, we are celebrating the life and the impact that the loved one had on our life. Talking about the character, the personality, and the essence of the deceased is a beautiful way of honoring the. Each story deserves to be told! 

     5. Memorialization  helps in healthy healing

When we conduct a funeral service either through cremation or burial, we are memorializing the lost loved one. The final resting place holds a lot of value. Many people also opt for unique ways to commemorate your loved one. You can hold onto their love forever.

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