Funeral Catering Services

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Funeral Catering Services

Our emotions are all over the place after the death of a loved one. There is a lot to plan, including last rites, funerals, transportation, post-cremation ceremonies, prayer hall reservations, food services, and so on.

Relatives and friends go from all over the world to share their grief, give their condolences, and pay tribute to the deceased’s life.

  • Best Catering Services for Memorial & Funeral

    Last Journey works closely with bereaved families by handling all aspects of the funeral arrangements. Our prayer meet services cover a wide range of religious prayer meetings and encompass everything from décor to food to artists to bhajan singers to seating, lighting, and catering.

    Our religious catering will appeal to both your taste buds and your religious beliefs. Food is necessary for any religious gathering, whether it be a Mata Ki Chowki, Chautha event, Satsang, or any other religious gathering. The catering services provided by Last Journey are designed to reflect the essence of distinct Indian cultures and religious activities. We customise and deliver according to your requirements.

    Whether it’s for Chautha, Tehravin, or any other prayer gathering, our experienced team will handle all parts of the cuisine. We capture the lost soul’s personality while also making the big event memorable for you and all of your guests.

  • Personalized Funeral Catering

    • A large menu with customizable dishes and over 1000 alternatives from many cuisines is available.
    • Selections for vegetarians as well as pure Satvik meals — options that adhere to traditional principles
    • North Indian, South Indian, Bengali, Gujarati, Rajasthani, Goan Maharashtrian, Chinese, Italian, Thai, and other cuisines are available.
    • Affordable rates and packages tailored to your individual requirements
    • Meals and Prashads freshly prepared in hygienic kitchens


Inclusions and Options:

  1. Buffet Setups: Setups for buffets include equipment and food warmers, as well as live counters where our employees will be available to assist.
  2. Cutlery options: There are disposables, eco-friendly, and glassware options available. 
  3. Live Counters: We retain live counters providing hot appetisers and snacks, including various types of cheese, to provide variety. Prashad
  4. Arrangements for seating: For religious occasions, different seating arrangements are made depending on the space and location of the venue.
  5. High-quality: Strict quality control of raw materials, food processing, and meal preparations.

While you spend time with your family, our team will take full responsibility for the event. We believe in working together to heal!