City Church Cemetery Pune

City Church Cemetery is one of the most popular burial grounds in Pune. As you enter the cemetery, you’ll see numerous graves marked by a simple white painted stone cross, with hand-written lettering. A perfect and peaceful spot to escape the hustle and bustle of outside.

The graveyard is quite a simple affair, with no more than a white-painted cross with hand-lettered inscriptions. Despite having not much space, the graves and cross look freshly painted. Like cemeteries around the world, City Church Cemetery Pune isn’t just the place of death but much a place of color and vignette.

We believe that the last farewell to a loved one should be very special. Therefore, at the Last Journey, we provide our expertise to grieving families to handle and perform the burial process. You can take the assistance of our funeral directors to book your slot at the City Church Cemetery.

 How to conduct a burial at the City Church Cemetery?

Step 1) Call 07827777889 to book a slot at the cemetery

Step 2) Book for transportation of the deceased’s coffin or body to the cemetery.

Step 3) Upon reaching the graveyard, you will be guided by the Last Journey team regarding hygiene.

Step 4) Engage the community for prayers to dissipate tensions and provide respectful time.


Next to Sandhya Home, New Nana Peth, Modi Colony, Pune, Maharashtra 411002

Contact :



Monday – Sunday: 24 Hours

Services at City Church Cemetery Pune By the Last Journey:

  • 24*7 assistance in end-to-end burial in Pune
  • Cleaning the body of the deceased
  • Dead body transportation 
  • Freezer Box on Hire 
  • Experienced Priest Services 
  • Bookings of Prayer Hall in Pune
  • Organizing Post burial rituals
  • Last Journey supervisors and staff for assistance in Pune
  • Broadcasting of Prayer Meet Via Zoom

Additional Support :

  • Assistance in obtaining Death Certificate
  • A Funeral Manager for Supervision
  • Two Staff Members for Constant Help and Support

Prerequisite :

Photo ID of the deceased.