Adi Brahmo Samaj

Located on the Cornwallis Streer in Kolkata, Adi Brahmo Samaj was built as a prayer hall for worship. It was declared a sacred institution on 22 January 1881, the 51st year of the Brahmo Samaj. The residence of the 19th-century educationist, Shivnath Shastri is located in the Adi Brahmo Samaj building backyard. In addition to this, there is an old library that has a huge collection of rare books on topics such as spiritualism.

Anyone, irrespective of their gender, caste, or creed, is welcome to visit this prayer hall. At all times of the year, people come here in the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment. Adi Brahmo Samaj is a holy sanctum with spirituality and vibrancy in the atmosphere.




238, Rabindra Sarani, Raja Katra, Singhi Bagan, Jorasanko, Kolkata, West Bengal 700007


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Monday – Sunday: 6 am – 9 pm

Last Journey Chautha/Tehravin/Shradh/Prayer Meet Services include:

  1. Adi Brahmo Samaj Prayer Hall Booking
  2. Comfortable seating and lighting arrangements
  3. Beautifully framed photographs of the departed soul
  4. Floral arrangements for an elegant and dignified prayer meet
  5. Provision of Samagri for rituals
  6. Professional artists/bhajan singers for condolence meet
  7. Catering services with a personalized menu
  8. Havan Services by knowledgable pandits

In the Light of the Ongoing Pandemic, the team of the Last Journey provides live broadcasting of the prayer meets through Zoom services. From Distant villages to International Borders, your family can be with you during these hard times.