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Cremation Services in Kolkata by the Last Journey

  • Transportation of the deceased by Mortuary Van/ Hearse/ Ambulance
  • Freezer box on hire in Calcutta
  • Delivery of Antim Sanskar Samagri
  • Embalming Services for preserving your loved one
  • Arranging for the pandit/priest
  • Booking and Coordination with the Cremation Ground
  • The funeral decor of the ambulance, and the cremation ground
  • Embellishing your loved one with holy items

It can never be easy to face the loss of a loved one. Whether expected or unexpected death grief is an emotion that can have a huge impact on us. Whether we want or not there are many other important things that we have to manage when we lose a loved one. Conducting dignified funeral rites is one of them. This includes cremating the deceased and following all the rituals of the mourning period. 

As per many religions, the cremation ceremony of the deceased should be performed within 24 hours. This ceremony is the last goodbye to the body of the deceased and hence holds a lot of value. Your loved one deserves to be given a fitting tribute by embellishing them. For this, the Last Journey does all the arrangements and preparations so you can stay stress-free. 

The last Journey offers our online crematorium booking services in Kolkata at all the local cremation ground and shmashana


  • Barrackpore Mahashamsan
  • Shibtala Electric Crematorium
  • Sri Ram Krishna Maha Smasan/ Samadhisthal
  • Monks’ Cremation Ground
  • Salua Burial Ground
  • Kashi Mitra Burning Ghat
  • Dakshindari Muslim Burial Ground
  • Bhatshala Hindu Burial Ground
  • Prince Gulam Muhammad Shah Muslim Burial Ground
  • Garia Adi Maha Shamshan
  • Sirity Shamsan Ghat
  • Budge Budge Municipal Crematorium
  • Keoratala Maha Saamsan
  • Bagmari Muslim Burial Ground

Our end-to-end cremation services include arranging for a priest, providing antim sanskar samagri kit, embellishing the lost one with sacred items, delivery of mortuary van/hearse, doing ambulance decor, booking the cremation ground, and providing the wooden logs. 

The last Journey understands that it gets difficult to book a slot at the cremation ground especially during end moments. We take the entire responsibility of arranging everything for you. It is a sensitive time and we want for you to spend time with your family. Rest will be taken care of by us. 

Our team will always be just a call/blink away. With our knowledge, we will guide you through all the necessary traditions and rituals. Our staff will be present at the service to help you, advise you, and carry out the tasks.


In case of any queries or guidance, you can reach out to us at any time of the day. We are there for you!


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