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Dead body transportation by Road

  • Ambulance Services in Kolkata at your doorstep 24*7
  • Hearse Van for dead body transport to the cremation ground
  • Mortuary Van with freezer in Calcutta
  • Interstate dead body transport by train with the freezing system
  • Designated on the ground team for assistance 

How to transport a dead body by road?

We can never foresee death! Transporting a dead body by road to any location is a requirement which is always sudden and can leave us all confused. You may not know who to contact or reach out to in such situations.

Last Journey is a team of empathetic and experienced individuals working each day to help families and organizations facing such saddening situations. We provide comprehensive funeral services including assistance in transporting your loved one. 

We offer an ambulance with freezer box, hearse, mortuary vans all as per your needs and requirements. 

Hearse Van in Kolkata

If you want to transport your loved one to the cremation or the burial ground, we offer Hearse Van Services. It entails a fully air-conditioned transport along with stretchers for carrying the loved one. We make sure that you can easily accompany your loved one on their last ride. Our team also offers personalized floral decor of the transport to make the last ride memorable!

Mortuary Van Services in Calcutta

Mortuary van transport is one of the most unique services provided by us. To make sure that we transport your loved one for long distances in preserved and safe conditions, we equip our transport with freezing systems. The system will maintain the freshness of the lost soul by slowing the process of decomposition. The temperature is approximately between (-5 to -15) degrees so that the human remains stay safe for long transit. 

Transportation of dead body by train

If you need to transport the dead body for long distances and to remote areas, then we also offer transportation of dead body by train. This choice of transport is more economical and allows for a safe ride for your beloved. There is a fixed procedure that needs to be followed and all of this involves strategies for transportation, documents required, and expenses to consider. For a stress-free ride, reach out to us and we will arrange everything. 

The pain of loss cannot be imagined. Only you understand the bond that you had with the loved one. Honouring such relationships and understanding the sensitivity of the situation we offer you’re our all-inclusive funeral services. Conducting dignified last rides is the last thing that you will do in the name of your loved one and we believe in doing it beautifully.


In case of any queries or guidance, you can reach out to us at any time of the day. We are there for you!


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