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Death Ceremony Invitation Messages

Death Ceremony Invitation Messages
Death Ceremony Invitation Messages


28 June, 2022

Death Ceremony Invitation Messages

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Invitations are an important part of any gatherings, occasions, or functions. Usually, invitations are used in making family members and friends aware of an auspicious moment. But sending an invitation to a death ceremony is a subject of grief and pain. Death ceremony invitations are used in informing the family members, friends, neighbors, and colleagues about the unfortunate incident. Choosing the right words for such an invitation purpose is a tough job as expressing grief is not an easy task.

Most people do not know how to write a death ceremony invitation message. So here are some examples of death ceremony invitation messages, which can help you in deciding the right and short messages.

  1. With a very heavy heart, we are informing you that ( Name) has left us and set out on a new journey last week. We truly believe that you will attend the funeral ceremony of the departed soul for your last goodbye.
  2. We remember that ( Name) always considered you a family member and he was used to praising you. Now when he is not with us, we are looking for the presence of all persons whom he loved. Please come for the last rituals and satisfy his soul.
  3. The physical appearance of a loving person can leave us but ( name) will always be alive in our hearts. The family is organizing a funeral ceremony. We trust you will join us in mourning our loss.
  4. It is completely unbelievable for us to accept that (name) is not with us now. We are informing you with great sorrow that a funeral will be held at our residence. Join us in bidding her a last goodbye.
  5. It feels like life is very short and unpredictable. (Name) left us too soon. We wish we can live with him forever. Though we believe that he cherished every bit of his life. We are holding a ceremony to wave him goodbye for the last time. We will be grateful if you come and join us in this tough time.
  6. (Name) was a warrior. She fought till her last breath to survive but unfortunately, she lost her final battle. We wish that you come and join us in paying respect to her soul and journey. May she attain peace.
  7. I would like to invite you to the funeral ceremony of our beloved (Name). I believe you will join all of us in paying respect to the deceased soul.
  8. Life is a journey. Everyone who started it has to go when it gets completed. (Name) cherished every single moment of this journey. We are arranging a funeral ceremony for him. I hope you will certainly come and join us.
  9. Death is uncertain but the time of this life journey is certain. Everyone will have to return to the heavenly abode after the completion of the journey. The family is organizing a funeral ceremony to wave the last goodbye to him. We expect that you will come for offering the last set of prayers and respect. May the deceased soul finds eternal peace there.
  10. (Name) lived her life to the fullest. She has completed a beautiful journey. We remember the smiles and laughs that she left in our hearts. We are holding a ceremony at our residence to pay her love and respect. May she rest in peace.
  11. (Name) left us today in the morning. He was a man who was loved by everyone. In his absence, all the persons whom he praised and loved will be there to remember his good works. Please come for the funeral ceremony. We are making arrangements at (name of the hall) hall.
  12. One who has lived the life so beautifully has to be remembered in the same beautiful way. Her journey ended yesterday but she will be alive in our hearts and memories always. A small funeral is organized at the residence. We expect you to come and join the entire family in remembering her.
  13. With deep sorrow, we are informing you that our beloved (Name) is no more. We are unable to accept this unfortunate incident. A memorial service is arranged at (name of the hall) hall. Please come and give us the strength to accept it.
  14. With great sorrow, we are sad to announce that (name)died peacefully on (date). We appreciate the sympathy messages and condolences that we’ve received from you. It has been very moving. (Name)’s funeral will be held at (location), on(date), at(time). A graveside service and reception will follow immediately after performing the last rites.
  15. (Name) fought a heroic fight till the last moment. He always inspired us to live life fullest. It is making us numb while announcing that he is no more with us. A small funeral is held for all loving close admirers of his at our home. Please come and pay regards to the departed soul.
  16. The song is ended but the melody will always reside in our hearts. (Name) always celebrated his life. On his demise, we are arranging a funeral ceremony on (date) at our home. His soul will be pleased and satisfied by your sincere presence.
  17. With a sorrowful, heart we are informing you that (name) left us and set out on a new beginning. The demise leaves a heartache that no one can heal but the presence of loved ones makes it less painful. We wish that everyone come to our home and offer a last set of prayers to the departed soul.
  18. Death is an unavoidable path. Everyone has to take it. (Name) took that path last night. A sincere funeral offering service is held at (name the hall). Please come to the funeral ceremony and join us in remembering the cherishing moments of his entire life.
  19. We feel immense grief to make you aware that our piece of heart (name) is no more with us. She took her last breath yesterday. I remember she always treated you like her own child. We are going to arrange a memorial ceremony for her remembrance. You are expected to be there.
  20. (Name) was a gem person. He touched the heart of every person who came into his contact. We wish that we can whisper, how much we all are missing him. For respecting the soul, we are holding a funeral ceremony at our residence. Please come and join in mourning the unbearable loss.
  21. ( Name) was a celebration of life. After her demise, we all are honoring her journey through a funeral and memorial service at (name) hall on(date). We will be grateful for your presence.
  22. In the loving memory of our beloved (name), the family is arranging a memorial service. The family is wishing for the presence of every close person at the funeral ceremony which is going to hold on (date) at (name) hall.
  23. The family of [name] cordially invites you to join in celebrating her life on [date] at [time]. We request you bring your thoughts, prayers and fondest memories of [name]. We all are seeking the blessings of his soul.
  24. (Name )was very close to our hearts. He left us alone in this materialistic world. A memorial service to celebrate the life of [name] on [day ], [date] at [time].

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