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The only thing common about humanity is the experience of demise and passing away. The one who has come has to leave one day! Despite this, demise and last wishes are the least talked about topics of discussion. The last Journey believes that we as a society should support each other during the hardest phase of life. We all go through this devastating experience at least once in our lives and being together can help heal in the right way. 

We understand that the pain of losing someone is heartbreaking. Accepting and moving forward can be hard. We usually tend to get involved in various other responsibilities that are bought upon us. However difficult it may seem, the last thing that we do for our lost loved one is to conduct the last rites and the funeral service respectably.

Funeral service is as much for the deceased as it is for the living. We can bid that last farewell and help the lost soul achieve peace. Most importantly it helps the survivors face the reality of the situation and take the first step in overcoming grief. It also provides a platform for all of us to gather, pray, and be there for each other.

Last Journey believes in the power of healing together!

To make this hard time stress free we offer mourning families comprehensive funeral services. We arrange everything ranging from the transportation to the prayer meet and havan. Our pre cremation and post-cremation services are personalized as per your wishes and wants.

End-to-end Funeral Services in Mumbai

  • Cremation/burial Services
  • Coordination with the cremation/burial ground
  • Arrangements of hearse/mortuary van/ambulance service
  • Delivery of Antim Sanskar Samagri Kit
  • Freezer Box on Hire
  • Embalming Services 
  • Pandit Services for guidance and rituals
  • Prayer Hall services
  • Funeral Artists
  • Creating and Publishing Obituaries
  • Green Funeral Services
  • Chautha/Tehravin Arrangements


We are a faith-based multi-religious organization that serves people of all religions. Everything ranging from the samagri to the service will be customized and personalized. We want all of your wants and the deceased person’s wishes to come true.


Last Journey Pre-planning and Special Services in Mumbai

Planning your funeral is a smart decision both financially and emotionally. Our pre-planning services include arranging legal formalities, deciding for finances, selecting the type of service, deciding products and floral arrangements, settling donations, and determining any other wishes.

To help grieving families deal with grief our assistance includes the following.

  • Celebration of Life Events
  • Counselling Services
  • Dog Therapy Services


Last Journey is available for you 24*7 all days of the week!


In case of any queries or guidance, you can reach out to us at any time of the day. We are there for you!


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