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How can you celebrate the Death Anniversary of a loved one

How can you celebrate the Death Anniversary of a loved one
How can you celebrate the Death Anniversary of a loved one


22 July, 2021

How can you celebrate the Death Anniversary of a loved one

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While the word “celebrate” does feel a bit over the top. Another way of saying it can be to remember, honor, or cherish the life of your loved one. While acknowledging a celebrate death anniversary can feel overwhelming at first, as time passes, your grief will change, and you will feel special to keep this day as a remembrance of the relationship with the lost one.

Though there is no right or wrong way to honor a life, here are some things that you can do in the memory of the loved one.

1. Visiting Resting Place.

The most practiced and beautiful way of honoring is to visit the gravesite and pay respects. In case the lost one was cremated, you can either choose to go to the place where their ashes were dispersed, or you can simply visit a place that the lost one loved. A whole day trip can be made out of it.

2.  Remembrance Ceremony.

Invite friends and family over for a remembrance ceremony. It can be a small or a big event all as per your wishes. Some special things you can do include sharing memories and stories of the loved one, holding a prayer meeting, and doing all things enjoyed by the lost one.

3. Journal.

Express your emotions by writing a letter, a poem, or a blog. It is a great way to keep in touch with your feelings regarding the lost one as you can continuing journaling each anniversary or whenever you feel. Writing is therapeutic and can help you heal.

4. Release Lanterns or Plant a Tree.

A few small activities such as releasing butterflies or a lantern create a beautiful opportunity for releasing your feelings. They help you in letting go and marking the importance of the loved one. You can even choose to plant a tree in the memory of the lost one and watch it grow and bloom through your lives.

5. Volunteer.

Another meaningful way of honoring life is by contributing to the world. If there is any cause your loved one supported or believed in, you can volunteer in such services, or you can donate to already existing non-profit organizations.

6. Take Time Out.

Simple taking time out means a lot. Some people choose to take s break from their busy lives to remember the lost one by going through old photos and listening to the lost one’s favorite songs. Others may not want to remember the memories but simply enjoy the presence of family and friends by spending more time with them.

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