How long can a funeral be delayed?

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When a loved one passes away, it is often unexpected and unanticipated for the family and friends of the deceased. You might not be prepared for the funeral and will have to make all of the arrangements on the fly. 

As a result, the question arises: how long can a funeral be postponed?

A funeral can be postponed for as long as the body can be kept. There is no regulation requiring a funeral to be held within a certain number of days or weeks, if at all. You could put it off indefinitely if you have access to a refrigerator or Freezer dead body van service in Delhi NCR. However, it is usually completed within two weeks. 

What are the reasons for this now that you don’t need to have the funeral immediately away? What should you consider if you decide to postpone the funeral? 

In this post, we’ll walk you through the process in the most simple way possible.

What can be the various reasons for a Funeral delay?

When it comes to funerals, there is no such thing as a standard situation. When it comes to organising a funeral, every death, family, and situation is unique. 

While some people can have a funeral right away, many others are unable to and are inclined to postpone. There is no right or wrong way to handle it, and some people even find it easier to wait since they may grieve and plan without feeling rushed. Following are some of the common reasons for delaying a funeral: 

Time constraints- Some people require additional time before having a funeral. This could be because friends and family members must return to the location of the funeral. Others may require or desire additional time to organise the funeral; planning a funeral is a lot of effort, and if the deceased did not leave behind any documents, it may be even more difficult. So, if you haven’t already done so, having a final will in place might save your family a lot of grief.

Transportation of the body- If the death has occurred beyond the border, bringing it back to its home country may take some time. It might also take considerably longer if they lived on another side of the globe. Countries and states have procedures for transporting people across borders that must be followed can be complicated but must be followed strictly. 

Elaborate Last Wishes– The deceased may have hoped for something that is difficult to fulfil or that takes a long time to put together. If the ceremony is scheduled for a specific time and date, there may be a longer wait than usual. This could be exacerbated by the costs of storing the body till then.

Criminal Investigation- If foul play is suspected in the death of a family member, the body will be held until the investigation is completed. This includes things like insurance and unjust deaths. If this occurs, the coroner may require some time to release the body, causing the funeral to be postponed.

Bad Weather Conditions- Weather is another reason why families may postpone funerals to wait for better weather. It is common for a loved one to die away during the winter months, and they may or may not be able to wait until spring or summer. Hurricanes, heatwaves, floods, and other related hazards are also present. If people try to get to the funeral, it might be extremely dangerous for everyone concerned. 

Family conflicts- As we all know, families don’t always get along. When the deceased is a mother or father, the children may have had varied ideas about how they wanted their mother or father’s funeral to be conducted. If the family is unable to make a decision, this could lead to conflict. If there is no will, the Deed of Grant is normally decided by the nearest relative. It could take a long time in court to resolve this, and it could be messy. 

How long after death is a funeral held?

A typical funeral is usually held within a week of death, or up to two weeks if embalming is used.

So if it feels like everything is moving at a breakneck pace, it is. When it comes to arranging a funeral, there are many alternatives to consider and decisions to make. While 5-10 days is plenty of time to get everything done, it can be a bit of a rush. 

Still many believe funerals had to happen rapidly because of the inevitable decay of the body. However, by no means is there a rule. Funerals can be held as soon as a day or two following death in some cultures and areas. The funeral, on the other hand, can also take up to two weeks or even a month after the death with adequate preservation measures.

If the body will be present during the funeral, embalming and/or refrigeration will be required. It helps to keep the deceased well-preserved before the service if it will last more than a few days. 

Are the ashes buried or cremated? Then it’s a very different story. After the cremation, the family can hold the funeral whenever they like. If the deceased has already been cremated or the ashes have already been scattered, the memorial ceremony can be organised at a later date. 

In conclusion

It’s good to know that the funeral should be held within a week following the death. However, it is preferable to have the viewing and other procedures completed before the body begins to decompose. Thus doing it as soon as feasible would be preferable. If you are in charge of a funeral, you should strive to bring everyone together as quickly as possible.

When planning a funeral for a loved one, an experienced funeral service like the Last Journey recognises the many factors of consideration. Our compassionate and dedicated team works with you to find a date and time that is convenient for you to say the perfect goodbye to your loved one. 


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