How Death Literacy can change the way you live each day?

February 10, 2021 0 Comments
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All of us know that we will die one day! But do we act that way?

Demise is an unavoidable experience. We eventually will pass away when our time comes. Even though we know this, we tend to be scared of death and the process of dying. Since our childhood, we have been taught to look at death as something that is farfetched and should not be talked about.

Instead of seeing death as something that may come in the future, we should accept it as a crucial part of living. This kind of education will not only help us humans understand the purpose of life but also ensure that our behaviors and actions are directed towards living a whole life.

Dr. Kerrie Noonan, a clinical psychologist, and social researcher spent 25 years creating a death literate society in the country of Australia. She defines death literacy “as knowledge about and understanding of the death system.” The death system, she says, is about understanding the components and functions that we exist within that mediate our experience of death, dying, loss, and grief.

The concept of death literacy is seen as an outcome of people’s experiences of dying and death. Here is how the concept of death literacy helps all kinds of people and communities in different ways.

  • Death literacy is an asset that helps organizations and communities to strengthen the capacity of future caring. It is forming a framework for understanding the results of public healthcare approaches.
  • Knowledge about death literacy helps people making informed and supported decisions for their loved ones. When each one of us is educated we will be able to have conversations with our loved ones regarding their preferences about demise.
  • If you are death literate, you will be saving your time and money. Planning about your end of life, the preferred site of final resting place, after-death body care, and the funeral is effective in saving resources.
  • It is a concept that has the power to expand the thinking and perspectives of people and communities. Moving towards the end of life conversations can change the way each one of us lives each day!

It is just a matter of conscious and subconscious acceptance of death as a part of life.

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