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How Last Journey Assists in Dead Body Transportation to Nagaland?

How Last Journey Assists in Dead Body Transportation to Nagaland?
How Last Journey Assists in Dead Body Transportation to Nagaland?


20 April, 2022

How Last Journey Assists in Dead Body Transportation to Nagaland?

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Nagaland is one of the most diversifies linguistic states in India with as many tribes and each very different from each other. What’s more astonishing is that there are dialects that are mutually incredible even within a tribe’s language. For example, in some tribes, such as the Angami, each hamlet has a little variation even within the same dialect, with the variance growing as the geographical distance increases. The communication sometimes is way difficult between these different castes and tribes. Because of this situation, english is the most commonly spoken languag in thi state. 

Year by year a large number of localities visit nearby or faraway cities for travel or work opportunities. While living far away when families get to know that their loved one has passed away, they’re often left baffled and shocked. One of the major questions then that roams around their mind is how to bring their loved one back home. Many families are unaware of the procedure and steps to follow when transporting a dead body. This article is for you if you aren’t familiar with the technique or steps of dead body transportation whether from Mumbai to Nagaland, or Hyderabad to Nagaland. 

The air transportation of a body to Nagaland is a more efficient option. All  post-death procedures at Last Journey are meticulously planned to ensure that the deceased is handed to their family in the best possible condition.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding dead body transportation to Nagaland. Read through them and understand how you can utilise this information on how to run it smoothly.

Q1. How to get hold of the death certificate?

You need to confirm the time and date of death, to relieve the individual from social, legal, and official obligations, settle property inheritance, and authorise the family to receive insurance and other benefits. All this will be done once the death is registered. 

Before you may apply for a death certificate, you must first register the death. The registrar must be notified and the death must be registered with the proper municipal authorities within 21 days of the death. A death certificate is issued after sufficient verification.

The application form you’ll need to fill out can usually be obtained from the local government or the registrar who maintains track of local fatalities.

A copy of the ration card, proof of the deceased’s birth, an affidavit stating the deceased’s death date and time, and the required amount in the form of court fee stamps may also be required.

Q2. Where can you get the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from?

After the person has died, close family must collect the death certificate or postmortem certificate from the hospital or police station. A ‘no objection certificate’ (NOC) from the police authorities is necessary for all fatalities. Foreign nationals must submit a formal request for embalming to the head of the embassy, together with a death certificate and a no objection certificate.

Q3. Is it necessary to embalm a dead body before transportation? 

Embalming is recommended if the deceased’s last rites are to be performed more than 24 hours after death. This is especially true if the body is transported from a hotter climate cities. For example, dead body transportation from Chennai to Nagaland, or Banagalore to Nagaland will require you to look for an embalmer. If the time between death and storage is less than 48 hours, the body can be stored in a morgue and kept cold preserved. 

Embalming is essential if the body is to be transferred over long distances by air, rail, or road. The institution issues an embalming certificate once the body has been embalmed, certifying that it is fit for transportation. This will be used to clear cargo on planes and at checkpoints, as well as for ground transit.

Q4. What must be done after embalming the body? 

You must arrange coffin box certifications with local funeral homes once the embalming is completed. It’s crucial to make sure the coffin box is fresh new and from a reputable undertaker. All necessary documents should be kept on hand, including the death certificate, post mortem copy, police NOC, embalming certificate, coffin certificate, and the contact information for the funeral service representative who will receive the deceased at the airport’s cargo terminal (in the event of an unescorted transport). Make advance preparations for a mortuary ambulance to carry the body from the hospital to the airport.

Q5. How many airlines in India accept dead body Transportion?

Not every aircraft in India can carry a deceased person’s body in its cargo. We’d advice you to check online if the services are available in your airline of choice. You can either accompany the departed body on the journey or have it picked up at the destination airport by a relative, friend, or funeral home employee.

The last step is to organise the cargo and flight for the family member who will be accompanying the body. You’ll also need some additional papers for freight clearance (embalming certificate, coffin certificate, etc.). Our funeral director will walk you through each stage. He possesses all of the information required to assist you with the documentation and legalities.

These are all the important questions regarding dead corpse transportion to Nagalkand answered. Are you looking for similar services but confused who to reach out to? Those seeking to transport a deceased person from another city to Nagaland, and vice versa. Last Journey prepares everything for the journey. Simply reach out to us on our number and our team will get back to you within seconds to get started with the procedure. 

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