Unique ways to commemorate your loved one

January 30, 2021 0 Comments
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The unexpected truth of every human life is demise. While we cannot change this universal truth, we can learn to love deeply and honor our loved ones. We spend our entire human lives making relations and working towards achievements. Everyone has a different personality that should be preserved forever.

When it comes to memorializing and commemorating your loved one, it can be done by celebrating the life, character, strengths, and even weaknesses of your beloved. 

While there are endless options for commemorating your loved, here are some unique ways of doing so:

  1. Video and Photo Tribute

A funeral service of the beloved is all about them. Creating a beautiful video tribute in their honour is a great way of sharing the life of the deceased with everyone. The lost one’s nature and their relationship with others can be beautifully preserved with photographs and videos. 

     2. Create a memory table/capsule

A memory table has become essential for any funeral service or celebration of life events. You can put up pictures and memories from different phases of the deceased’s life. Each family or friend can contribute an item to it, making it more precious. 

      3. Sow seeds of love/Plant a memorial tree

One unique way of memorializing the deceased is by planting a tree in the memory. You can plant one in your backyard or at the final resting place. It is symbolic of how the love of the deceased will stay with you and that it will only grow with each passing day. 

     4. Interactive activities with the well-wishers of the lost soul

At the funeral, you can personalize the funeral by putting up interactive sessions with the well-wishers of the deceased. It allows one to know more about the life that the lost one had. You can create an interactive puzzle with questions, play the loved one’s favourite game, or have an open mic session.

     5. Donate in the name of the lost one

We spend our lives living in a community. Giving back to the people is the right thing to do. To create a beautiful legacy, you can name a charity or donate in honour of your loved one. It would be respectful to donate to a community that was close to the heart of the deceased. 

What is important to remember is to show the true colors and essence of the lost soul. It can be as simple or as extravagant as you want.

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