How to write a Good Eulogy for your loved one

September 13, 2020 0 Comments
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A eulogy is a writing or a speech in praise of a loved one, especially one who recently passed away. It aims to bring the loved one to life in the mind of those listening. While you may be dealing with your grief, what you have to understand is that this is probably the last gift to the deceased from you, by honoring their life. 

Before you start writing one, it is time for you to remember the lost one and the bond you had with them. Reflect on the happy things, the sad things, and the unusual things that summed up their life. You can even interact with other family and friends to get to know more about them. Vising their house, looking at old photos will also help you. Jot down the highlights that inspire you and begin to write.

Though most people may know you, you should start by briefly introducing yourself and the relationship you had with the lost one. If you are related to the deceased, describe how, and if you are a friend, you can say a few words about how you met.

Moving on, while praising and remembering the lost one, you can touch a few key points such as what his/her family life was like, their interests and hobbies, their career and life achievements, and finally, their attributes. Talk about their nature and what they were like as a person.

To further personalize and touch the minute details and specialties of your loved one, share how they bought quality in the life of others. You can do this by sharing specific stories, memories, and thoughts. You can also include the stories you go to know through other family members. Try finding a unique theme to connect them all and make the eulogy more heart touching.

The last step is to organize and structure your eulogy for a beginning, middle, and end. An average piece maybe 3-5 minutes long. If you arent sure, you can get feedback from your close family and friends to make sure that it captures the essence of the deceased.

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