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In what manners you can offer a dignified burial to your beloved one?

In what manners you can offer a dignified burial to your beloved one?
In what manners you can offer a dignified burial to your beloved one?


25 November, 2022

In what manners you can offer a dignified burial to your beloved one?

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After the demise of a loving family member, the close ones perform many rituals in the wake of offering peace and comfort to the departed soul. These death rituals also include the Burial of the deceased body. Many people are practicing this process of biding adieu to the departed person for over 100,000 years.

In present days, people chose several different ways of burial in place of a traditional ones. Family members and friends can evoke the deceased person in a unique manner through these distinct burial rituals methods.

Here are some of the most preferred types of burial that you can offer to a beloved family member.

Traditional Burial

The traditional burial is a way of caring deceased body after its demise. This method of burial rituals includes wrapping the body in a shroud and placing it safely in a coffin box. After that, the family members bury the wooden coffin box in the ground at a nearby place.

Some families take the help of funeral direction companies in the traditional burial rituals process.

  • The professionally skilled team members of a funeral home also offer embalming services to the deceased body.
  • If a family wants to bury the deceased body at a cemetery with the help of the funeral direction team, the use of a casket becomes mandatory.
  • You can choose the place of burial according to your convenience. We advise you to pick a place nearby your locality so that you can visit there and evoke the beautiful life journey of that deceased person.

Green burial

The green burial method is an entirely natural way and this is usually preferred by people who love being surrounded by nature even after demise. In this burial method, the deceased body is directly placed inside the ground without using a coffin box or casket.

Some other things that you need to know about green burial are mentioned below.

The green burial helps the deceased body in decomposing naturally.

The family of the deceased one can use a biodegradable casket. After a certain period, the biodegradable box or casket starts mingling with the soil.

You can also plant a tree after completing the process of green burial ritual. This plant depicts the personality of a deceased person. It takes the essential nutrients from the human remains.

You should take permission from the authorities of the cemetery where you want to perform the ritual of green burial as all the cemeteries do not allow this.

Sea burial or burial at water bodies

Some people prefer the sea burial after demise but before disposing of the body in a water body or sea you need to take permission from the authorities of that specific locality. You can take the help of a boat or a ship in offering a sea burial to the departed person.

Many funeral homes offer the services of sea burial and provide a ship or boat for this purpose.

Professional workers use a casket or sailcloth for keeping the body inside it safely.

You can also scatter the ashes or human remains on the surface of a water body after cremation. This method is known as “post-cremation water burial”.

Mausoleum Burial

This burial method is highly desirable these days as it provides a beautiful place for the departed soul and the family members can visit these places for remembering their loved ones.

Mausoleum burial is a great alternative for those people who do not want to rest eternally in the ground after their demise.

It offers a private space to family members and friends where they can mourn their loss.

A private mausoleum provides a personal space for family and friends where they can spend time with the loving memories of the deceased person according to their wishes.

Crypt Burial

This kind of burial is the secured one. Usually, in this burial method, you can place the casket inside a crypt which is made up of concrete materials. They provide some room around the casket and keep it safe for years. One can consider it as an outer chamber of the casket and it is also known as Vault.

The family members can mention the name and important dates related to the life of a deceased person on the crypt.

The crypts have no entry gate and the families can visit them only from the outside.

One can place the crypt in a garden or church after taking permission from the authorities and visit the place frequently.

Why burial is better than other ways of disposing of deceased bodies?

It is completely a personal choice how a family wants to treat the deceased body after death. It is a subject of religious faiths and beliefs but based on some facts, you can consider the Burial better than other ones.

Burial is a natural process of decomposing the body after demise. The deceased body comes in the contact with mother nature and it gives the essentials to soil and other elements of it. This is also a way to return something to nature after death.

Burial is a less costly way of disposing of the body than cremation.

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