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Best 3 Eco-Friendly Ways to Dispose of a Dead Body Hindu Rituals

Best 3 Eco-Friendly Ways to Dispose of a Dead Body Hindu Rituals
Best 3 Eco-Friendly Ways to Dispose of a Dead Body Hindu Rituals


08 September, 2022

Best 3 Eco-Friendly Ways to Dispose of a Dead Body Hindu Rituals

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There are many rituals that must be performed by the family members after the demise of a loved one. Disposing of human remains is one of those final rituals. It helps the soul in attaining peace and liberation from the old bonds and memories. It is believed that after getting liberation the soul can set itself on a new life journey. There are several methods through which a dead body can be disposed of but these days people choose eco-friendly ways of disposing of the dead body instead of traditional methods. Eco-friendly ways of disposition help in making the environment free from air, water and soil pollution. In the Hindu religion, you can also pick an eco-friendly way of disposing of the dead body and contribute to the welfare of the surroundings.

Here are the best three ways of eco-friendly disposition after the demise of a person who belongs to the Hindu religion.

Give the body a Liquified Goodbye-

This process is also known as aquamation. In this method, the body is disposed of with the help of water and alkaline hydrolysis. The alkaline substance can be potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide which is dissolved in the amount of 95%water. The remaining 5%  is an alkaline substance. This mixture is heated at the temperature of  35°f which speeds up the process of dissolving the human body. All the organs and flesh of a human body get liquified in this mixture except the skeleton of the body. Some people bury the skeleton in the ground or some cremate it in an electric machine. After that, they scatter the human remains in the water or ground to liberate the soul completely.

What are the Benefits of the Aquamation of a Dead Body?

The facts related to the aquamation certify that this method of disposing of the human body emits only a fifth fraction of the carbon dioxide in comparison to the traditional or conventional cremation of a human body. Though it is not legalized in every country except in some.

Become a Beautiful Tree –

There is no direct way to transform a human body into a giant beautiful tree but feeding a germinating tree can help in using a dead body to transform into a natural element. In this method, there are body pods that allow the human remains to provide all the essential substances in germinating a plant seed. This indirect method of eco-friendly disposing of is very beneficial from the aspect of natural wellness.

This method of disposing of a human body in a pure eco-friendly way was first initiated in Italy. The inventor of this beneficial method was Capsula Mundi. The requirement for this kind of disposition is just a huge biodegradable pod in which one can keep the deceased body of a human. After placing the pod under the ground you can sow the seeds of the desired plant. As soon as the pod starts decomposing it provides the nutrients to the seed in form of food and fertilizes the soil of that particular place.

Why it is an Advantageous Method of Disposing of a Dead Body?

This way of saying goodbye to your loved one is very helpful for those people who love nature from the core of their hearts. Even after demise, they can give strength, love, and power to their close people. Nature embraces everyone so this is the best way of bidding adieu to a nature lover. People remember this kind of people for decades because of their eternal contribution to nature.

LPG cremation of the body-

For decreasing pollution, LPG cremation is the best way to dispose of a body. In this method, people can follow their beliefs along with friendly methods in favor of the environment. This method decreases the use of wooden logs in traditional cremation. In this process, there is no requirement for any kind of wooden log. The deceased body is placed on a cot-like structure and then the fire is set under the furnace. The temperature which is required to dispose of the deceased body in LPG cremation is 800 to 1000° Celcius. This LPG cremation emits harmful gases in less amount than the conventional cremation method. LPG cremation not only saves the air from getting polluted but it lessens the use of timbers or woods. In this cremation, most of the human body parts get vaporized and oxidized with the help of extreme heat and gases. The cleaning process of these gas furnaces also does not harm the environment as the harmful air and smoke discharged from the stack chimneys and water proceeds through the effluent treatment plant.

The cost of LPG GAS cremation is less than electric cremation. But it varies from one to another crematorium because the cost of Gas cremation also depends on the size and quality of the furnaces.

Why it is more beneficial rather than an electric and traditional cremation to dispose of a body in an eco-friendly way?

This method of disposing of a human body lessens the complexities during the process. The amount of harmful gases, smoke and soil pollution is very less than the open air cremation and traditional burial. It helps people in feeling good about saving the environment. The soul of the departed person will liberate easily after sensing that there is no harm to the environment because of him or her.

Saving the environment and freeing it from every deteriorating element is not a sole task of a few social activists and environmentalists. It is the collective responsibility of all human beings. Apart from adopting the eco-friendly cremation and burial methods of disposing of the body, we can also help the surroundings by making them free from plastic decorating items on the coffin box, caskets, etc. Instead of using artificial flowers to decorate the place of cremation, everyone should choose the natural elements in bidding adieu to the departed person. We must take care of nature whether being alive or dead.

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