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We understand how terrible it is to lose a loved one. Everything happens in a flash. You don’t have time to consider or respond. We at Last Journey are deeply saddened by your loss. We believe you should spend the last few moments of your life with your loved one without a hundred thoughts racing through your head. We’ll take care of everything for the Shok Sabha and pay proper respect to the person who loved you. 

Last Journey Shok Sabha Services: 

  1. Customized Prayer Hall with floral decor and a framed photograph of the deceased.
  2. Personalized Shok Sabha Invitation for the guests.
  3. Artists and Devotional singers, addressing the lost one.
  4. Multiple Camera set-ups and Wi-Fi connection in the hall.
  5. Connecting with family and friends digitally through online platforms.
  6. Interactive sessions with the guests, allowing them to pay a tribute.
  7. The Last Journey staff for supervision and assistance.

Send Shok Sabha Invitation to Loved Ones

When someone passes away, it’s crucial to make sure that everyone who knew and loved them can attend the funeral. Shok Sabha Invitations frequently serve two purposes: not just notifying guests about the location, but also breaking – or verifying – the tragic news of someone’s death. Last Journey will create personalised Shok Sabha notifications. The Invitation will be created with your requirements in mind. Once created, it will be delivered via Whatsapp and regular mail. We can also phone your participants and update them on your behalf if you wish it.

Video Conferencing of Shok Sabha

Last Journey will set up all of the necessary audiovisual equipment to ensure a smooth broadcast of the event. The telecast’s framework and flow will be meticulously arranged to pay a respectful tribute to the deceased. In the telecast, many of our families include footage of the departed, as well as tributes from friends and family. The Online Shok Sabha takes place on Zoom. Following the event, a copy of the film, as well as a list of attendees, is provided.

Bhajan/Pooja Services for the Event

We understand how difficult it is to cope with the loss of a loved one, and how it can leave a permanent vacuum in your life. We can’t take away your pain, but we can make sure you don’t have any hassles during the deceased’s final journey. Our team will be there for you every step of the way. Our goal is to help you grieve and remember your loved one. In honour of the departed soul, Last Journey will hold a bhajan and puja. The puja can be held at any location of your choice and will be broadcast live on Zoom. The entire event will be videotaped and given over to you as a keepsake. Contact us for additional information on Bhajan funeral Artists and their availability.

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