Visitation and Funeral Etiquette: 10 Things You Shouldn’t Do at a Funeral

June 16, 2021 0 Comments
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No matter what the circumstances, losing a loved one can never be easy. If the demise was unexpected, the shock and pain may get unbearable, and even when the loss was anticipated, the bereaved might still be left reeling with feelings that are difficult to process.

All of this exactly suggests why attending a funeral can is an experience that should be handled with respect and empathy in consideration of the grieving and mourning family members. Having been working in the industry for a long time, we have seen how events can turn out when everyone gathers at one place during an emotional time.

Here are some tips from the Last Journey to avoid any mishaps and blunders when attending a funeral service:

  1. Don’t be late for the funeral. Walking in between the service of rituals or at an inappropriate time can seem disrespectful.
  2. Don’t wear anything loud or bold. Dressing appropriately and conservatively is symbolic of your warmth towards the mourning family.
  3. Attending a funeral is all about supporting the bereaved and remembering the lost soul. At such time don’t let your phone ring or chime. If you have an urgent call to take, quietly leave the service to do so.
  4. Don’t say inappropriate things. While it is crucial to express a few words of sympathy and condolences to the bereaved, one must think about what you say before saying it. Anything inappropriate might trigger feelings of hurt.
  5. Don’t enhance your relationship with the lost one. All of the family and friends have gathered for the same reason. Remember that you are not here to showcase to everyone the bond you had with the deceased instead, you must respectfully remember the lost one.
  6. Don’t let children run around or create noise. For young children, it might be hard to attend a funeral. They might not understand the sensitivity of the event and can act unruly. If your child is attending a service, it will be wise to prepare them beforehand.
  7. Don’t discuss money at a funeral. Discussing things such as the cost of the funeral or what is left by the deceased in his/her will is just extremely insensitive. The purpose of the service is to bid that well-deserving farewell to the lost one.
  8. Don’t make things about you. You may have experienced a similar loss in your life, but it is important to remember that you are at the funeral for the bereaved. Try and comfort others instead of comparing grief.
  9. Don’t take photos. Understandably, a funeral allows everyone to gather at one place after a long time. But it may be inconsiderate to take your phone and get pictures clicked for memories. Instead, you can make plans and catch up with each other later.
  10. Don’t attend if you are not invited or bring guests who weren’t invited. The bereaved is already going through a lot, and one must honour their wishes. Make use of your judgement whether your presence will be appreciated or not.

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