Which flowers are used for male and female funerals popularly?

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The funeral is the very first ritual that must be performed after the demise of a person. In this last ceremony of the departed person, the family members and friends arrange a big procession for paying reverence and tribute to the departed soul. The embellishment of the vehicle in which the deceased body is placed must be decorated with flowers. This is a way of offering respect to the person who had completed his/her life journey.

Flowers indicate the personality of the deceased person. That is why the funeral direction teams provide a category of flowers like flowers for male funerals, flowers for female funerals, etc. Here you can have the information about the message that flowers convey. Choosing the right floral decoration for a male or female funeral is a little confusing subject. But the information in the article will wipe out all the doubts.

What are the Right Flowers for the Male Funeral?

Picking the right flowers for the funeral of a male departed person could be a little difficult but the right options will make it easier than before. Here is the wide range of flowers that you can pick. You can also understand the message that those flowers convey.

  1. Easter lilies- These flowers convey the meaning of resurrection. The term resurrection means attaining a new life after demise. This flower is considered one of the religious flowers of Christians.
  2. Chrysanthemums – These flowers are the indicator of grief and sorrow. Choosing a chrysanthemum for a male funeral will be the best choice.
  3. White stargazer- The white stargazers are the indication of sympathy. You can pick them for showing sympathy towards the family members.
  4. Carnation – These flowers are a very popular choice for a man’s funeral. The bunches of carnation show the remembrance of the departed soul.
  5. Gladioli- The main role of these flowers is to enhance the beauty of the funeral vehicle because they are very tall. Apart from this, Gladioli also shows the strong character of a male person. One can use them in respecting a strong character.
  6. Roses – Rose flower shows different emotions in a single colour. The red rose depicts the love for the departed person. It also shows grief for the loss. The different shades of roses indicate different emotions so you can pick one accordingly.

What colour are preferred for the Funeral Floral Decoration in form of Flowers?

The male funeral requires some bright shades like red, blue and white. These colours help show the great power and love of the deceased man. If you want to embellish the funeral of a patriot man then you can pick red flowers. A combination of red and white roses will also be the best option. The blue flowers also indicate the patriotism and great valour of the departed man.  Usually, in the military blue flowers are used to respect the courage of soldiers. The bright blue shade adds some vibrance to the man’s funeral.

Flowers for the Funeral of a Female?

The right choice regarding the flowers for a female funeral adds love and respect to the last goodbye to a departed mother, wife, grandmother, sister etc. Females bring love and affection to everyone’s life hence the flowers you are choosing for their funeral must be special. Here is the list of flower options for a female funeral.

Gracious lavender- These flowers are usually chosen for a female funeral because of their soothing colour and fragrance. You can pair these purple lavender with some pink shades of flowers and make a beautiful combination. Apart from decorating the vehicle and box of the female, you can make baskets as well with this combination. This will be the most lovable tribute towards to deceased female.

White gerbera daisies – The white colour shows peace in tough times like the funeral of your loved one. The white gerbera daisies are known for their long-lasting fragrance. They help in reducing the sorrow and stress of the people who are dealing with immense pain and agony. If the deceased female has any connection with the April month, you can choose the gerbera daisy as they are known as April month flowers also.

Pink roses – The pink roses represent every emotion that you felt for your loving lady. The pretty pink shade depicts greatness, comfort, joy, admiration, love, care and much more. There are categories in the pink shade of roses as well. The light pink roses show the feminity and grace of the departed lady. The dark pink shade of roses shows honour and celebration of the life journey of the deceased lady. At last, the hot pink shade of roses presents the joy, appreciation and gratitude towards the good deeds of a female.

Yellow flowers for a female funeral- Yellow colour is the significance of cheerfulness and sympathy. The yellow daffodils will be the best option for a female funeral to show the great bond between you and the departed soul. This shade also shows a closeness with the person so you can choose this shade to show your close bond.

The Services of  Last Journey Regarding this Floral Decoration in a Male or Female Funeral.

Last journey team takes the onus of arranging a beautiful funeral procession that depicts the life celebration. We provide fresh and beautiful flowers according to the requirement or wishes of the family and friends. The team hires the best florists and decorators for embellishing the last goodbye ceremony of the departed person. Apart from decorating the funeral vehicle we also provide floral caskets and vases for the tribute to the deceased person.

Last journey helps people in healing through its promising services. People can share their thoughts and emotion without being stressed about funeral arrangements. For any further details and information, you can contact the team of last journey. We assure you to provide the best and most timely services regarding the funeral arrangements of a male or female deceased person.


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