Chautha and Tehravin Services

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Chautha and Tehravin Services

The Last Journey team is competent in providing Chautha and Tehravin Services, in other words, Death Anniversaries, Funeral Prayer, Death Ceremony, Brahmbhoj, Barsi, Rasam Pagri, & More. 

We offer an end-to-end Shok Sabha Services in your City.

Chautha Services/Shradhanjali/Shok Sabha/Prayer Meet

There is a belief that the soul of the departed is still conscious of any emotions on people’s behalf. Chautha and Tehravin Services are conducted, which assist the spirits of the deceased to obtain a new body for reincarnation.

On the fourth day after demise, the Chautha Ceremony takes place where family and relatives get together for Shanti path and Geeta pravachan.

Chautha Services/Death Ceremony/Shraddha Ceremony is marked by soft bhajans, prayers, and discussion on spiritual matters.

  • Personalized Chautha & Tervi Services.

    • Prayer Hall/Community Hall Bookings.
    • Framed Photographs of your loved one.
    • Floral Decor Arrangements.
    • All Samagri arrangements.
    • Seating and Lighting Arrangements.
    • Professional Bhajan Singers.
    • Catering Services with a personalized menu.
    • Catering Services & More.

  • Barsi/Uthala/Ritual after Death/Bhajan

    • Havan by Pandit Ji.
    • The Tehravin Samagri Kit.
    • Brahman Bhoj For Blessings.
    • Community Feast.
    • Prayer Meeting.
    • Donation.
    • Catering Services & More.

The Last Journey Offers Complete Shradhanjali Services

As per the Hindu Shastras, Terahvin or the thirteenth marks the final day of the mourning period. It is believed that on this day, the soul cuts off all ties with the family members and starts developing a relationship with God.

Our Chautha and Tehravin Services are also inclusive of beautiful Last Journey Funeral Decors. We aim to provide you with a profound funeral service.

Last Journey offers Customized Death Ceremony as per your ritual and custom. Our team ensures to take care of all the arrangements so you can be in the company of your loved ones and pray for the soul.

To mark this blissful day some rituals and Tehravin services are conducted which include puja or havan by a priest, a brahman Bhoj organizes, and a feast for family and friends.

Last Journey is one of the best funeral management companies that provide end-to-end death ceremonies.