Cremation Ceremony & Funeral Ceremony

What is the Death Ceremony, Cremation Ceremony and Funeral Ceremony?

The news of the passing away of a person shatters the hearts of all family members, kin and close friends. It feels too hard to live life in the same way without that loving person. Nothing can fill the void created by the absence of a beloved family person but honouring the departed soul by performing various Death rituals can lessen the pain to some extent. Offering reverence to the deceased person through rituals comes under the Death ceremony.

Our religions allow us to perform many final rites like Funeral, cremation, burial, teharavin/ chautha, Brahman Bhoj, Pind Daan, Asthi Visarjan and Prayer meetings etc. All of these rituals are an inseparable part of a Death ceremony. It is believed that after performing these ceremonies the departed soul finds itself satisfied and attains peace, liberation and salvation. But the grief of losing the life of a close person acts as a hindrance in offering these rituals to the deceased person. People find themselves unable to make arrangements related to these death ceremonies. All they need is sympathy, help and support during that tough phase. Last Journey is an organization that provides all of these under one roof.

Our organization has skillful team members who know how to receive grieving people and satisfy them with the best services. They participate in the pain of mourning people and make them feel connected during the entire process of performing death rituals.

What is a Funeral and how does Last Journey helps in hosting a dignified one?

The funeral is the very first ceremony which is performed by the family of the deceased person right after the demise. In this ritual, people arrange a funeral gathering and funeral procession. The family informs all the kin, close friends, neighbors, and colleagues about the unpleasant incident and invites them to offer love and respect to the departed soul. A funeral procession includes an embellished funeral vehicle in which the deceased body is kept with all the necessary equipment. In a funeral gathering, people collectively mourn their loss and share their thoughts about the life journey of the departed person.

Last Journey takes the whole responsibility of organizing a funeral. From booking the place or vehicle for transportation to serving food items and drinks to the visitors, everything our team does efficiently. Here is a glimpse of the funeral service offered by our professional team members.

    • Floral framing of the deceased’s photograph.
    • Arranging a vehicle for the transportation of the dead body.
    • Sitting and lighting arrangements.
    • Booking of a place where you want to perform the funeral.
    • Informing the guest on a phone call or text about the details of the funeral ceremony.
    • Professional singers for the serene and devotional music.
    • Floral decoration of the place.

Though Last Journey tries to cover all the aspects of the funeral services, we as a team leave some room for fulfilling the special requirements of the bereaved family. We consider that making people satisfied with the best quality services is the only way through which we can sympathize with them.

We also help people in organizing a theme-based funeral ceremony in which people choose costumes of a specific colour. In this way, close people and family can celebrate the accomplishment of the deceased’s life. The team members also help in establishing contact between the donation organization so that families can serve needy people with essentials. Last Journey takes part in organ donation activity as well and guides the concerned family if they want to fulfill the wish of the deceased person.

What is the Cremation Ceremony and what services are provided by Last Journey Regarding Cremation?

After the funeral, the deceased body goes through the cremation process and liberates itself from all the materialistic bonds. The cremation is performed by a very close family member. Before cremation, the family members wash the body twice or thrice and put the sacred and new cloth on the deceased body. After this, the body should be placed on the pyre and the close family person set the fire to that wooden and straw pyre.

  • Last Journey offers many services for helping people in cremation ceremony. Like,

    • Arranging wooden logs for the cremation.
    • Booking cremation place.
    • Providing a vehicle for the transportation of the deceased body.
    • Experienced priest or pandit Ji for chanting holy mantras during the cremation.
    • Anton sanskar pooja samagri
    • Providing urns for collecting the ashes or remains after cremation.

  • Help in asthi visarjan ritual at a religious place Haridwar/ Prayagraj/ Kaashi/ Ujjain etc.
  • Apart from traditional cremation, we provide services of electric cremation and CNG cremation as well.

Our team takes the onus of all arrangements and leaves people free to process their grief in the company of their near and dear ones. The main aim of Last Journey funeral direction company is to wipe out all the burden of arrangements related to the death ceremonies so that they can grieve in peace and remember the cherishing moments that they made with the deceased person.

Death is an inevitable part of the life journey and nobody can escape from it. But we can skip the immense pain of losing a person by replacing that pain with the beautiful memories of that deceased person. During all the death ceremonies we evoke the love and laughter that we got from the departed person and these rituals help us in accepting the fierce truth of life’s journey which is “Death”. Last Journey believes that we should also celebrate the death of a person as we celebrate birth because it reminds us about the new beginning of that deceased person. After performing all the death rituals one can find its mind and soul in a peaceful state.