Accreditation & Affiliation

International Funeral Services

Last Journey is a leading funeral management company that works around the world. At Last Journey, we offer end-to-end funeral services that adhere to the tenets of Hinduism and other religions.

Last Journey is a global funeral management company with a wide range of services. We offer repatriation services, bereavement flight, coffin box, embalming, and all funeral-related services. We understand the value and importance of time and grief. Thus, we have constantly been expanding our services across the globe to help, no matter where you are.

At the Last Journey, we work with love and care to provide the best funeral services around the world. We help in arranging a perfect farewell for your loved ones. We work with all consular and embassies which help in transporting the dead body anywhere in the world. We fully understand the procedure and documentation for International repatriation.

Funeral Assistance Worldwide

We can assist with all funeral-related services and repatriation services. Last Journey is experienced in the organization of worldwide funeral services, we can arrange all required funeral services wherever you need them.

We help people in need of all funeral-related services. The last Journey team will help you send or receive a dead body anywhere in the world. We have years of experience in transporting and arranging funeral services. Our International funeral team work round the clock to help you in a difficult time.

We have all kinds of coffins, urns, and caskets for your loved one. We have also been working with hospitals in making sure that embalming gets done on time.

Last Journey works with global funeral directors to arrange a funeral and repatriation. As it requires, global contacts with funeral directors.

  • Worldwide Funeral Shipping

    • Collection & preparation of the deceased person
    • All administration/documentation
    • Repatriation services
    • NOC/Death Certificate
    • Private Ambulance

  • Cremation Services:

    • Full collection and delivery service
    • Arrange local cremation – with or without attendants
    • Repatriation of cremated remains
    • Burial or scattering of cremated remains
    • Floral tributes


  • Embalming, Coffins, & Urns:

    • Humans urns for ashes
    • Legal documentation
    • Supply of coffin
    • Embalming Services
    • Funeral Undertakers

  • Documents & Flight Booking:

    • Coffin Maker Certificate
    • Embalming Certificate
    • Custom Clearance
    • Ticket Booking (for both)
    • Consular/Embassy Assistance

Repatriation Updates

Here, you will see the latest news and updates on how we are helping people in transportation the body from one country to another country through our expertise and global presence. Last Journey stays up-to-date with funeral shipping and logistics. Here, we post all updates about the international funeral services in such a way that at the last moment, there could not be any hassle.