June 25, 2021

“Moksh” is a term used in many religions. It signifies the release of the soul and its enlightenment. Our Moksh Package is an elaborate one with a detailed list of funeral services for the lost one. Through this package, we make sure that the deceased gets the last rites they deserve.

We will arrange for a Funeral Director who will manage and oversee all the services as per your customs. Everything, including transportation of the deceased, the cremation service, puja samagree, pandit for puja, floral decorations, ash collection, and ash storage are included in the package. In addition to this, we assist in the provision of the death certificate and arrangements for a green funeral. Our Funeral Directors ensure that all the services are customized as per your needs and requirements. All the strength and support for you!


Moksh Package Inclusions

  1. Provision of Ambulance/Hearse/Mortuary services
  2. Freezer box for your loved one
  3. Premium Antim Sanskar Samagri Kit
  4. Coordination with cremation ground staff for smooth & hassle-free cremation
  5. Ash collection and storage assistance
  6. Provision of Pandit and Purohit for Shanti Prarthana, Chautha, Tehravin
  7. Personal Funeral Manager 
  8. The floral decor on Ambulance & Crematorial
  9. Assistance in the provision of the Death certificate
  10. Provision of Cow-dung infused wooden logs
  11. Framed photograph of the departed soul

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