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Prayer Decoration Services

We'll provide personalized prayer decorations to reflect your loved one's life and beliefs.

Prayer Decoration Services

We'll provide personalized prayer decorations to reflect your loved one's life and beliefs.

Prayer Decoration Services

We offer a wide range of options, including floral arrangements, photo collages, and custom-made decorations that represent your loved one's faith.


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The services provided were exceptional. They took care of everything and made sure our loved one was laid to rest with dignity.

Monika Sharma

Funeral Services

I am so thankful for the caring and professional staff they made the process much less overwhelming.

Anirudh Das

Funeral Services

The prayer meeting organized by the Last Journey captured the personality and essence of my beloved

Sandeep Anand

Funeral Services

Shok Sabha Decoration Services

Honoring Loved Ones by organizing a Shok Sabha is the best we could do. Last Journey offers condolence decoration services in India. If you are looking for shok sabha decor photo frame or prayer hall decoration, then contact us for organizing prayer meetings at venues or homes. We also provide booking of prayer hall or auditorium.

Prayer Hall Decoration Services in Delhi and Mumbai

Arranging a prayer meeting in memory of the beloved family person is a way to offer honour and tribute to the departed soul. The decoration of the place with flowers and other articles enhances the beauty and serenity of that place. This floral decoration also depicts your respect and love toward the deceased person. But making all these arrangements single-handedly is not possible at a time when every close member is going through immense pain. Last Journey funeral direction team is always ready to lend a helping hand to people who are seeking help in organizing final rituals for their beloved family member or friend. Our team puts forward some classy and elegant ideas to celebrate the life journey of a deceased loved one and make the prayer ceremony memorable for a lifetime. Our prayer decoration services are widely known in many cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. If you are looking for professional help to organize a prayer meeting, give us a chance to serve you. We assure you that our efforts will completely satisfy you. In this article, you can make yourself aware of the decoration ideas that Last Journey uses in honouring the departed souls.

Beautiful Entrance Decoration of the Place.

The entrance of the prayer meeting venue should be decorated beautifully as it establishes a connection between the visitors and the departed soul right from the beginning when they enter the place. Last Journey has skilled and experienced team members who instruct the florists or flower decorators to use unique flowers and embellish the entrance gate with them. Our team helps in arranging the required flowers of the choice of family and friends. If you have hired the team for organizing the funeral of a child, we offer the option of balloon decoration as well. At the entrance, you can also place a picture of the deceased person on an easel. A small table can also be placed at the entrance. On the table, you can place a guest book on which the visitors can mention their thoughts and express their feelings.

Decoration of the Altar

The altar is the place where you need to pay more attention. It is considered the focal point in a funeral gathering or prayer meeting. Last Journey chooses some traditional options to decorate the altar area with flowers and candles. Apart from these, our team also offers unique options for eye-catching decorations as,

  • The casket spray is available in both sizes large and small.
  • Wreaths that you can place on the easel.
  • Decoration of the aisles and steps inside the prayer meeting area.

Some families chose a simple representation or display for the altar. Hence, you can place a large table and cover it with a white sheet or cloth. In the center, you can place a large casket and a photograph of the deceased person. A simple and beautiful display like this creates more significance than a pompous one. You should choose light shades of flowers for decorating the altar because these shades depict peace and reverence toward the departed person.

Framing of the deceased person's photograph.

The photograph of the deceased person is the most important thing in a prayer meeting or a funeral gathering event. This poses great importance because it establishes a strong connection between the visitors and the departed person. People evoke beautiful moments after seeing the picture of that particular person. They visualize a similar image in their mind and pay respect to the departed soul. Last Journey team members put their all efforts into making the photograph lively. The dense floral frame of the deceased's photograph creates a vibrant ambiance. Along with it, you can also instruct us to place the scented candles on both sides of the photograph. The unique aroma beautified the place to a great extent.

Some Additional Decoration Services of Last Journey team at the Prayer Meeting Venues.

You can also express your desire to embellish the place in a personalized manner. Our team members pay attention to the instructions of family members and follow them to fulfill their wishes. These personalized decoration ideas can be utilized in various areas like,

  • Walls- If the walls of the place where you are going to organize the prayer meeting are not clean enough or inappropriately painted, you can indicate to us to decorate the wall with beautiful memory notes.
  • Stairs and garden area- Usually the prayer meeting location has stairs and a garden area. Our team members utilize them to flaunt their decoration skills and make them attractive by using vines on the railing.
  • Furnished sitting area- The team members ensure the service users regarding the clean and nicely matched sitting area. Our team members offer nicely covered chairs and a table with clean clothes for sitting.
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