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Repatriation Services

Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from Belarus to India

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Dead Body Transportation from Belarus to India

In the wake of loss, grieving families often find solace in entrusting the complex task of transporting the remains of their loved ones to reliable and compassionate professionals. One such organization that extends a helping hand during these trying times is Last Journey. 

Comprehensive Inclusions in Last Journey's Services

1. Funeral Direction Amenities

We take care of the fundamental aspects of funeral direction, starting with the initial transfer of the deceased's remains from their place of passing, be it a hospital or a residence.

2. Embalming Services

Recognizing the importance of preserving the body during transportation, we offer standard embalming services, a crucial step to ensure the integrity of the remains.

3. Navigating Legal Requirements

We handle the often-complicated process of acquiring shipping permits and permissions necessary for the transportation of the deceased. Our team facilitates the collection of the death certificate and other essential documents.

4. Casket Procurement and Arrangement

We assist in obtaining or arranging a suitable casket, understanding its symbolic importance in saying goodbye.

5. Document Management

Understanding the intricacies of repatriation paperwork, we assist in managing the documentation process, ranging from death certificates to coffin box certificates.

6. Informing Authorities

We notify the relevant embassies and local authorities in both countries involved – in this case, Belarus and India. This step ensures proper clearances are obtained.

7. Seamless Ticket Booking

Last Journey handles the practical aspects of online booking two-way air cargo tickets. They also gather essential information about the recipient in India, especially if no family member accompanies the remains.

Last Journey's commitment to assisting grieving families in the delicate process of transporting dead bodies from Belarus to India is commendable and comforting. Our comprehensive range of services, attention to dignity, and careful handling of legal procedures exemplify the sensitivity and professionalism required during these difficult times.

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