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Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from Oman to India

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Dead Body Transportation from Oman to India

It is difficult to navigate all the legal customs associated with dead body transportation in a foreign country for the family of the deceased. To ease the intricate procedure of bringing the remains back to their homeland, the family can approach the funeral directors for professional assistance. 

Last Journey team is the forefront funeral direction organization in India. Our repatriation services cover several countries including Oman and empathize with the family professionally.

With or without the inclusion of the deceased's family members, the team ensures a safe, quick and legal dead body transportation from Oman to India. You can simply hire us by contacting the team, share the details of the location and other essentials and the team will take charge of repatriation immediately.

The prime aspects of repatriation on which our team works-

  • How to inform the authorities of both countries involved in repatriation?
  • How to obtain the crucial documents and conduct the legal work smoothly?
  • How to keep the deceased body safe during the entire procedure?
  • How to grab the advantages of local facilities with the cooperation of local funeral homes?
  • Which airline facility will be best for safe & reliable transportation?

Last Journey team includes only highly skilled and certified team members for complex projects like dead body shipping. They are well-versed in complying with the legitimate guidelines determined by the foreign authorities.

All the above-listed points ensure the utmost safety, comfort and dignity for the deceased body.

How does Last Journey team conduct the whole repatriation task?

In the most distressed times, Last Journey team strives to assist the family in each possible dimension. From beginning to end our teammates will accompany the bereaved family through our promising services.

  1. The initial step taken by the team is to inform the Oman consulate regarding the death and transition.
  2. We establish contact with the local funeral home to collect the body from the place of demise and shift it to a mortuary in the presence of police.
  3. Obtaining the most crucial document "Death Certificate" from a certified hospital authority of Oman.
  4. Arranging the equipped ambulance van for local transportation of the dead body.
  5. Sending the body for the embalming process as it is mandatory to prepare the body through embalming before shipping.
  6. Provision of a qualitative coffin box and sealed casket which comply with the standard & guidelines of Oman authorities.
  7. Now the embalmed and sealed body will be shipped to one of the domestic Oman airports before the scheduled time of transition.

What are the other necessary documents you must have for obtaining clearance?

To avoid all chances of forgetting any single document, Last Journey team rounds up a list including all the papers or certificates. We keep copies of each document for submitting them to the concerned departments of Oman.

  • No objection certificate (NOC) by local police
  • Transit permit by the Embassy of Oman
  • Embalming Certificate
  • Coffin Box Certificate
  • Certificate for no Noncontagious disease in the dead body
  • Consent letter by close kin of deceased
  • Passport and Visa cancellation
  • Details of the tickets for air cargo & flight services

How to book the tickets for final shipping to India?

Last Journey has the contact details of those Oman airlines that serve the needy by two-way air cargo services in repatriation. After collecting the information about the scheduled timing, the team online books the ticket.

It is necessary to return the belongings of Oman country after repatriation. Here the two-way air cargo services play a pivotal role in helping the deceased's family. You can easily return them through this service feature without visiting the foreign land again. 

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