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We offer solace through music by providing talented artists for funeral prayer meetings.

Book Artists Services

We offer solace through music by providing talented artists for funeral prayer meetings.

Funeral Artists

Our talented Bhajan music artists provide a calming and peaceful atmosphere during funeral prayer meetings. At The Last Journey, we believe in the power of music to bring solace during difficult times.


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The services provided were exceptional. They took care of everything and made sure our loved one was laid to rest with dignity.

Monika Sharma

Funeral Services

I am so thankful for the caring and professional staff they made the process much less overwhelming.

Anirudh Das

Funeral Services

Thank you for fulfilling my mother’s last wish. Your team successfully managed to cremate my mother at her birthplace.

Anukool Sachdeva

Funeral Services

The funeral service of your beloved is more than a series of rituals and customs, it is a farewell to the departed soul. While it is an overwhelming time of life for the family and friends of the departed, one should conduct all the ceremonies with full respect and dignity. In the Indian traditions, ceremonies, prayer meets, the celebration of life events take place allowing the family to get together and support each other in their lowest phase of life. Prayers are read, and bhajans are sung, serving the purpose of calm within the chaos. Art has the power to heal! The soothing voice in our ears, beauty captured through eyes can give the human soul a sense of peace. Any kind of art will be a great way to tribute your loved one. Once represented through artwork, the departed soul will live forever. The Last Journey arranges for the best of artists in Bangalore for the funeral service of the dearest. Our professional singers/artists will provide a beautiful and personalized experience. They cover religious work, spiritual art, and customized service. We aim at providing the mourning families the help and assistance they need to honor their beloved.  

Music/Bhajan singers for funerals in Bangalore

The Indian funeral is incomplete without bhajans and music. In our daily lives, we are so indulged in the attractions and desires of the human body, that we forget the true essence of life. Last Journey’s music will allow help you in achieving spiritual clarity in life. Our artists will elevate moods and connect people. Whether it is while washing and cleaning your loved one or at the times of prayer meeting, we create a soothing experience. We offer a wide range of music catering to the faiths of all religions. We believe in healing together, and our music/bhajan service is a representation of it.

Artwork for funerals in Bangalore

The essence of a funeral service is to remember, honor, and capture the lost soul. Artwork, either in the form of a painting, a video tribute, or a personalized memento, can do wonders in preserving memories. The Last Journey provides you with artists who will give you a shared experience for commemorating the loved one. They will fulfill all your wishes and produce a beautiful keepsake in the memory of the precious. Our artwork includes:

  1. Charcoal, oil, and water paintings of your beloved
  2. Video/Photo frame tributes
  3. Personalized mementos and keepsakes
  4. Artwork using remains of your loved one
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of calling an artist for funerals?

The singers or artists invited for funerals in Bangalore are trained to perform at funerals, keeping the emotions of the people and atmosphere in mind. Inviting singers to perform creates a soothing environment for the family members, and it is considered as a tribute to the deceased member.

Is it possible to call an artist other than a singer or sketch artist in Bangalore?

We are here to cater to your specific needs. You can discuss your requirements with us, and we will ensure to provide you with an artist you are looking for. You can fulfil the family's wishes or the deceased member's wishes by letting us know about their demands.

Is it possible to book artists for funerals in other states?

Yes, we provide artists in all the cities and states where we provide our funeral services. Check out our services page or get in touch with the funeral manager to discuss this in detail.

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