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Bangalore Cremation Ground

Honoring Memories with Dignified Cremation Services

Bangalore Cremation Ground

Honoring Memories with Dignified Cremation Services

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Losing a loved one is unpredictable and likely to leave an impact on our lives. At such hard times, one can easily get overwhelmed, and performing the last rites of the deceased can seem to be a task. However sad, we know that it is crucial to conduct the funeral rites of our beloved with dignity and grace.

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Last Journey offers online cremation ground booking services in Bangalore. Here’s a list of cremation ground names where you can book services.


One of the main tasks includes looking and arranging for a cremation ground along with all the antim sanskar samagri. Our team at the Last Journey will help you in coordinating with the right cremation services in Bangalore, and we also offer other funeral services, including Mortuary Van, Freezer Box, Pandit, Obituary, Chautha/Tehravin, Funeral Artist, and Asthi Visarjan. Here is a list of the best Cremation Grounds in Bangalore with address, contact, and services. Cremation Ground Lists After the demise of a person, several death rituals take place at a specific location. Cremation is one of those crucial last rites. The close family members of the deceased person perform this ritual at a Shamshan Ghat under the guidance of a priest. Finding the right place to perform a dignified cremation for the departed person becomes a little bit hard at a time when you are processing the deep pain and anguish of losing someone. To simplify things and expedite the process of final rituals, this article helps you in finding the appropriate place according to your comfort and convenience. If you are looking for a Shamshan Ghat in Bengaluru where you can offer respectful last rites to your beloved one, this list will surely help you in finding the right one.

What are the fundamental services available at these cremation places?

Though each cremation place or shamshan ghat offers distinct services to the grieving families of a deceased person so that they can peacefully perform the cremation of their beloved one. There are some common services that you will find at each of the above-mentioned cremation places in Bengaluru.

Transportation services for the deceased body

The family members of the deceased person can face troubles in transporting the dead body to the cremation place. Hence the authorities of these service organizations provide Dead body vehicles that are well-equipped with cooling machines and safety tools. Some family members can also accompany the deceased person as there is enough place available inside these vehicles.

Space for organizing the funeral of the departed person

Some cremation grounds or Shamshan ghat provide a private place to the family of a deceased person for conducting a funeral. You can keep the body for displaying to family, relatives, friends, colleagues and neighbors. With the help of hired funeral direction team or staff of the cremation place, you can decorate the body and place for a dignified funeral.

Availability of Antim sanskaar samagri

You can see many shops inside the premises of the cremation ground or shamshan ghat that offer all the essential things for the cremation ritual like Mataki, clothes for the deceased body, pooja samagri, flowers etc. You can easily pay for them at the end by including the cost in the entire fee of the cremation place.

Presence of an experienced priest or pandit Ji

Only the family members can not perform the entire cremation ritual. A well-knowledgeable guide ( priest/pandit) should be present there for telling the right way of performing the rituals. The priest not only guides the lead mourner during the ritual but also explains the importance of performing these final rites to the family of the deceased. You can easily find a priest at any creation ground in Bengaluru and take help from him. These are some basic services that you can use at the cremation ground. If you want to hire a team for taking help in the cremation ritual, you can contact them and make the team aware of the place and timing of the cremation. Some funeral direction teams like Last Journey help you in booking a slot for the creation at these places and provide all the essentials while performing the cremation. You can pick the right place after assessing many factors like time consumption in reaching the place, distance from the home and convenience of other family members.

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