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End-to-end Cremation Services In Bangalore

  1. Transport Services (Ambulance, Hearse, Mortuary Van)
  2. Ambulance Decor
  3. Embalming Service
  4. Funeral Decor
  5. Freezer Box for your beloved
  6. Antim Sanskar Samagri
  7. Pandit/Priest Service
  8. Slot Booking
  9. Cremation Ground Decor Service

The Last Journey understands that looking for a cremation ground and getting a slot at the last minute can be really difficult. We assure you of arranging the service at the most organized and easy to reach crematoriums in Bangalore.

Additional services provided by Last Journey Team.

Along with the basic service offering, the team of the last journey helps the mourning family members in getting the death certificate of the deceased person. The team establishes contact between the legal authorities and the family of the departed person for attaining the most important legal document after demise and that is a death certificate.

What is Required to Book a place at the Cremation Ground of your choice?

The family members must provide valid identity proof of the deceased person to the team. This identity proof must include a clear photograph of the departed person. It could be Adhar card/passport/voter is card etc.

How can you book last journey team for cremation services in Bangalore?

There are very simple steps through which you can hire our team for cremation services in Bengaluru.

  1. Make a call on the provided number.
  2. Give the details to last journey team regarding the rituals you want to perform in the cremation of your loved one.
  3. Make the team aware of the place and timing of the cremation ritual.
  4. Clarify your doubts regarding services and their costs.

Last journey team believes in sharing the grief of people in their most difficult times.

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A compassionate and dignified cremation ceremony will allow you to bid that last goodbye to your beloved. We respect, honor, and value your beliefs and ensure to move in line with your wishes.

Our team will always be just a call/blink away. With our knowledge, we can help in answering all your ritual/tradition inquiries. Our staff will be present at the service to help you, advise you, and carry out the tasks.

Our online crematorium booking Bangalore services will fulfill the religious aspects of a funeral and tailor it so that the essence of your loved one can be captured.

Best Cremation Provider In Bangalore

  1. End-to-End Cremation Services
  2. Hearse Van/Funeral Van Decor
  3. Pandit Ji
  4. Freezer Box
  5. Slot Booking Assistance
  6. Worker for Funeral
  7. All Funeral Arrangements

The passing away of a loved one is an overwhelming experience. There is a lot that has to be dealt with, both emotionally and managerially. Many religions opt for online cremation booking as a funeral service, and it has to be carried out within 24 hours. Arranging for the cremation amidst those heartbreaking times feels more like a responsibility than a service towards our beloved.

The cremation of your beloved is the foremost and the most crucial service as it is a farewell to the physical body. You have the last chance to spend time with your beloved, embellish them, get together for a view or visitation, and honor them and the time spent with them.

The Last Journey’s team of funeral managers will help you navigate, arrange, online cremation booking, and conduct the entire cremation service of your beloved. It includes taking care of all the rituals to be performed, arranging for the raw material, and booking with the cremation grounds.

Other Services

  • Pandit Services
  • Last Rites Material
  • Van Services
  • Prayer Meeting
  • Funeral Decor
  • Asthi Visarjan

Which type of cremation can you offer to your beloved one with the assistance of Last Journey team?

There are several cremation places or crematoriums that offer cremation services in Bangalore. Last Journey acts as a sponsoring team or mediator between the cremation authorities and the deceased’s family. Our team helps the family members in performing a traditional or eco-friendly cremation at the crematorium. Here is precise information related to the types of cremation that you can offer to your beloved one.

Traditional cremation- In this type of cremation, our team provides the family with wooden logs of Aam/Neem/sandalwood etc. Along with wooden logs we also offer cow dung logs in our cremation service packages.

Eco-friendly cremation- Many people choose a different way to cremate their beloved family members for refraining the atmosphere from pollutants. This includes Electric cremation, CNG cremation, alkaline cremation and bio cremation etc. These ways of cremation do not harm nature and complete the cremation process in lesser time than the traditional one.

The team workers of Last Journey organization are quite adept at every kind of cremation service whether it is a traditional one or a modern one. We honour the faiths and beliefs of every mourner along with respecting the different choices of some people.


Give a personalized farewell to the departed soul with the help of Last Journey

Family members of the deceased person always want to memorise the life journey of him/ her. Hence they can ask our team for personalized arrangements also. These services include,

  • Decoration of the cremation place
  • Choosing a specific vehicle for Last Journey .
  • Arrangement of required wooden logs for the cremation.
  • Recording the last moments of the deceased person.
  • Displaying the cherished moments of the life journey of the departed person on a screen during the last rites.
  • After cremation, the family members can take the help of Last Journey team in the Asthi Visarjan process at a specific place.
  • Giving the desired cremation can also help the departed soul in attaining peace. As an example, if a person was very conscious about the environment, the family members can choose an electric / CNG cremation instead of the traditional one.
  • Using the flowers and garlands of the choice of the deceased person will help in achieving eternal peace and satisfaction.

Last Journey funeral organization assists grieving people and abides by the faiths and beliefs of the family. Every possible effort to satiate the aching hearts of close ones will be considered by our skilled and experienced team members.

Additional services of Last Journey team in the cremation ritual

Last Journey is known for assisting mourning families in a distinct manner. Our team members take great care of the deceased body as well as the close ones who are mourning the unbearable loss through some unique qualities like,

  • Last Journey team members help in preparing and decorating the ground or place where you want to perform the cremation of the deceased person.
  • The assistance of team members will start from receiving the people at the cremation place and continue till collecting the ashes after cremation.
  • We deploy two or more supervisors who monitor every activity of the worker and resolve the issue immediately if they face any.
  • We include only quality products and experienced workers in our services related to cremation.
  • You can put forth your desires that will contribute to the dignified farewell of the departed soul. Our team always leaves some room for fulfilling specific demands.

Last Journey team has gained ground in the field of funeral direction through its excellent services and the cordial behavior of workers. We treat our clients equally without focusing on their religion, caste and gender. This makes us different from others.


What happens at an electric crematorium service?

There are no gas emissions and no wood is burned at an electric cremation. It is, without a question, a unique method of cremation, but it aids in the conservation of resources such as wood and kerosene. It is the most cost-effective funeral option.

What happens at a crematorium service?

Mourners gather outside the crematorium to await the arrival of the hearse or take a seat in the chapel before the casket is taken in. The body is subsequently placed on a catafalque, which is frequently raised, ornamented, and positioned near the front for all to view. Several hymns or musical pieces, as well as eulogies, are included in a cremation order of service. Once the service is over, the casket is usually hidden so that mourners can pay their final respects before the cremation.

How long does a crematorium service last?

A cremation funeral service typically lasts 30 to 45 minutes before the cremation process begins outside of the event. As a result, it’s critical that guests arrive on time.

What happens at a wood crematorium service?

An open cremation is required at a wood crematorium service as the soul must be freed as soon as the body is burned atop a large pile of wood. When the body is wrapped in a white cloth and burned on a wood pyre, prayers are chanted. The soul is consumed by the flames and is ejected from the body.

What is BBMP crematorium services?

(BBMP) crematorium services is a collaboration of government agencies, private companies, and citizen volunteers from many industries. Their goal is to provide hassle-free funeral services for COVID-19/non-COVID cadavers. All further necessary and appropriate assistance will be provided by the BBMP/Government.