Body transport Service by Road

Dead Body transport service in Bangalore

Ours is a country of values and sentiments. Transporting the deceased to the final resting place is not just a responsibility, rather an emotional task to be performed with dignity and respect. Since families are now spread out in different areas and cities, it becomes challenging to carry out this task at such emotional times.

The last Journey aims to relieve you of this stress and provide you with some measure of peace.

Last Journey transport services in Bangalore

We provide comfortable, affordable, and the fastest transport services in Bangalore. When it comes to transporting the deceased, we will arrange all the documents and plan out the strategies at the most economical prices. Our services provide you various options to fulfill the requirements in the best possible manner. You can choose from our ambulance service, hearse service, mortuary van, or train services.


Ambulance Service in Bangalore

Last Journey Ambulance service in Bangalore is a feasible option at times of emergency to transport the patient from one place to another. We have options of advanced life support (ALS) and basic life support(BLS) ambulances that can reach you on time. In case required there are facilities of para-medical staff, cardiac monitor, oxygen cylinder, and other advanced facilities.

The medical, as well as transportation staff members, follow a sensitive and responsible approach in dealing with patients.

Hearse Service in Bangalore

We cannot avoid demise. It may happen at an unexpected time. Each one has different experiences and situations that we face when a loved one passes away. Our hearse van service in Bangalore makes transportation an easy and stress-free task to do.

The Last Journey van will make the last ride to the cremation/burial ground a memorable one. It is inclusive of an air conditioner, professional driver, and an attendee for assistance. There is additional space in the transport for the family member to accompany.

Mortuary Van Service in Bangalore

In case you need to transfer your loved one to a faraway city or state, our mortuary van is the perfect option. It has an inbuilt freezer for the secure storage of your loved one. You will get enough time to wait for families so that the funeral service can be held in the presence of everyone.

Train Services By Road in Bangalore

While organizing a funeral, transportation of the deceased is one of the most troublesome tasks. There may be situations when your loved one cannot be transported by mortuary vans, for that we provide train services. We will help you reach your home city through our train services. There will be a freezer box for easy storage, and our staff will ensure a comfortable travel.


The charges of transporting a body by road may vary depending on the distance to be covered. Additionally, most families may choose a certain type of vehicle or floral decorations for the deceased member. The funeral manager would be able to guide the family more on this depending on the requirements.

Your funeral manager would be able to guide you better on which transport to choose. There are ambulance services, hearse van services and mortuary van services in Bangalore. All the vehicles are well-equipped and have all the necessary amenities.

The deceased bodies can be transported from Bangalore to another by road. Whether a family chooses to transport the body by road or air depends on the timeline of the funeral services and the urgency of the matter. In some cases, it would be advised to follow a particular transportation method, which is best guided by funeral managers.