2023 Funeral Trends: Helping People Through Difficult Times

March 1, 2023 0 Comments
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It could be quite hard for any person to imagine or have a discussion about funeral trends. But we have to admit the fact that funerals and other last rites are as essential for life as other rituals are.

Involving religious and cultural values along with unique and new ways of saying goodbyes is becoming a trend in funeral services industries. A slight touch of technology, personalization and creativity in offering a dignified funeral can satiate and honour the departed soul of your loved one.

Here are some new trends that are gaining ground in the funeral service industry. These new and innovative trends offer an exceptional way to celebrate the life journey of beloved ones.

 1. Virtual funerals

The covid pandemic has brought several changes in the normal life of people and the funeral is one of those parts where people adopted a new trend – Virtual presence at your loved one’s funeral.

Prohibition on traveling and gathering in large numbers for funerals allowed utilizing the technology for such purposes. Zoom and other webcasting platforms played a pivotal role in connecting loved ones during the most difficult time of their lives.

How it is beneficial?

Those who are residing in far places and can not reach immediately the place where the funeral ceremony is going on must use the virtual way of getting connected with mourners.

 2. Personalization of the funerals

In the past, people relied only on the conventional methods of performing final rites or funerals but today a family or close ones want to say goodbye uniquely. Including products and services while keeping the persona of the departed person in mind helps family and friends in personalizing the funeral ceremony.

These days close family members pick a theme-based funeral event as well so that attendees can evoke the departed person for lifelong.

How it is beneficial?

Personalization of the funeral event helps in establishing a deep connection with the deceased person as we all can remember departed persons through their liking or choices.

 3 . Pre-planning of the Funerals

Talking about death and the amount spent on organizing funerals was a taboo decades back but now people openly discuss it. Pre-planning of your or your loved one’s funeral not only makes you able to admit the harsh end-of-life journey but also saves you from spending more on funeral arrangements. The loved ones can find themselves stress-free and mourn peacefully if the departed person had pre-booked the funeral plan through a reliable funeral home.

How it is beneficial?

Pre-planning a funeral service offers you the advantage of fixing the amount that you want to spend on the funeral.

4. Green funerals and cremation methods

These days concern about the environment is widely expanded. Even after the demise people do not want to harm the environment with their non-eco-friendly final rites. Hence using a biodegradable casket, urn and decorative cardboard etc is in trend these days.

Along with the funeral events, people also pick an environment-friendly cremation rite as their last wish. Natural ways of decomposing the deceased body as sky burial, water burial and tree burial etc are adopted by several ones.

How it is beneficial?

Green ways of funeral and cremation help a person in staying connected with mother nature throughout the life cycle. After the demise, one can chip into the wellness of nature by providing the essential elements to the plants and soil after getting decomposed in the lap of mother nature.

5. Creating memories through last rites

The last moments create unbearable pain for close family members and friends but still, everyone wants to remember those painful moments in various ways. One can take the help of technology in capturing the entire last rituals of one beloved one. Photos and video recordings of the funeral and other final ceremonies will refresh the beautiful memories also that you created with the departed one.

The family members can utilize the ashes of the departed person in making beautiful jewelry also so that they can always feel the warmth of the departed person’s love and blessings.

How it is beneficial?

Memories are quite important for admitting the immense contribution of a beloved family member in your life even after his/her demise.

6. Home Funeral

Taking care of a deceased person’s body at home with the close ones is a new way of honouring the departed soul. The family members can collectively help the deceased body slowly decompose with the help of freezing packs in place of using an embalming service.

How it is beneficial?

On one hand, it helps the family members in processing the grief of losing the beloved person while on the other hand, it cut downs the extra funeral arrangement costs.

7. Memorial service

Usually, after performing all the last rites like a funeral, cremation or burial etc in a dignified manner people consider that the story of a life journey has ended. But these days family members want to keep the inspiring story alive for decades. And for accomplishing this purpose they take the help of memorial services or memorial events.

A family can also organize a donation drive, spend time with old persons or kids and provide them with essential stuff like food, clothes and books etc in a memorial event.

How it is beneficial?

Organizing a memorial ceremony every year at the place where the family performed cremation or burial is a new trend for evoking the beautiful memories of the departed person.

Apart from all the above-mentioned trends in the funeral industry, the biggest trend that we as a new generation are setting is – Discussing death without hesitation. One can say it is the death positivity as well. Making our elders comfortable regarding the process of death rituals also helps us in accepting the fact that things are not going to stay the same forever. This new trend makes us learn to adopt a unique way to bid adieu to our beloved ones.

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