How to Create a Meaningful Memorial Tribute Video?

March 4, 2021 0 Comments
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Memorial Video tributes are a beautiful way of biding a farewell to the lost one. They allow you not only to say a meaningful goodbye but also to portray the life of the deceased. The Video will create an opportunity for everyone to gather, remember, and contribute to creating something for the lost member. It will probably be the last thing that you do in their memory.

It can get overwhelming for the grieving family to create the memorial tribute. You can either ask the assistance of a friend or reach out to funeral service providers for the same.

Here is how you can create a meaningful memorial tribute video:

1.    Get your whole family involved in the process and ask them questions

A person is more than one relationship. Getting all the family and friends to contribute to the video is a great way of knowing the different versions of a person. It also allows the family to express their feelings in a comfortable environment.

2.    Portray the major themes of the deceased’s life

The structure of the video and the way each story is portrayed plays an important part in creating the last impact. Consider highlighting the following things –

  1. Hobbies, Passions, and Interests
  2. Professional achievements and organizations
  3. Major relationships
  4. Major events such as birthdays and anniversaries

3.    Go in a chronological order to tell the life story

A beautiful story has a beginning, a middle, and an end!

It will help if you put up the photos and memories in chronological order as it will help provide a timeline and a structure. Not doing this can create disorganization.

4.    Add captions to express emotions and create engagement

Adding captions to photos can give some context to them. They can trigger memories and also serve as conversation starters to know more about the lost member. Try and keep the captions short so that more can be displayed.

5.    Add music and motion effects

Motion effects create a beautiful sensory impact on the video. Try out different effects speeds to make the video engaging.

The right music can evoke memories and emotions. It also helps in bringing out the personality of the lost member. You can even choose the favourite song of the deceased.

Remember that the video is a tribute to the lost one and everything will flow naturally!


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