What to shop for funeral services?

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The demise of a loved one is one of the most painful experiences in human life. It is inevitable to happen at some stage of our lives. After demise, we tend to get involved in arranging for the funeral services. One of such responsibilities includes shopping for the funeral services. Usually, funeral shopping is done at the time of mourning which leads to poor decisions in the heat of the moment. It is always advisable to shop for a funeral in advance so that you have a chance to express your last wishes and you can be remembered as you want to be. 

There are a variety of funeral-related products that one can choose from. They fulfill practical as well as symbolic roles in the service of a loved one. The funeral products such as caskets and urns provide a container for the remains of your loved one. Their style and beauty of these products symbolize the essence of the lost soul. One can even personalize these products to reflect the individuality of the deceased. 

Some of the options for purchasing funeral products are:

  1. Casket

In the case of a burial service, caskets are an important part of the funeral. They are used to display the deceased member and play a crucial role in easy storage and transportation. Available in different aesthetics, materials used to make them include wood, stainless steel, and semi-precious metals. For a fitting tribute, one can even customize a casket.

      2. Cremation Urn

In the case of a cremation service, urns are an important part of the funeral. The family either decides to scatter the ashes or store them at their homes. In both cases, an urn is required to store the remains. They are made of marble, wood, ceramic, glass, bronze, or steel. Personalization can be done with engravings or emblems to capture the essence of the lost one. Nowadays, biodegradable urns are a top choice due to their environment-friendly nature. 

      3. Headstones/Gravemarkers

A headstone or a gravemarker is usually placed over the grave. It has the deceased’s name, date of birth, date of passing away, and short messages engraved on it. They are made of granite, marble, or metals such as bronze. They vary and size and can be personalized as per one’s wishes. 

     4. Memorial Keepsakes

Memorial keepsakes include jewelry, artwork, or showpieces to pay a tribute to the lost soul. They allow you to feel a connection with the lost one and keep a part of them with you forever. They are available in a variety of tastes and designs. For personalization, you can even keep a small portion of the remains, a dried flower from the service, or the deceased’s fingerprints engraved on jewelry.

     5. Memorial stationery

To add a touch of meaningful elegance to your loved one’s funeral service make use of some personalized memorial stationery. Prayer cards and memorial service folders are a beautiful keepsake for those who attend the funeral service. The stationery items also include bookmarks, candles, photo books, canvas art, and much more. 

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