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Funeral Services

Helping families navigate through grief with care and compassion - Last Journey Funeral Services.

Funeral Services

Helping families navigate through grief with care and compassion - Last Journey Funeral Services.

Funeral Undertaker

Certified By The World Organization of Funeral Operatives: Last Journey - Everything, Anywhere, All

International Funeral Undertaker

We believe that every funeral should be a personalized and meaningful tribute to the life of the deceased, and hence we ensure that by our best practices


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Thank you for fulfilling my mother’s last wish. Your team successfully managed to cremate my mother at her birthplace.

Anukool Sachdeva

Funeral Services

The prayer meeting organized by the Last Journey captured the personality and essence of my beloved

Sandeep Anand

Funeral Services

I am so thankful for the caring and professional staff they made the process much less overwhelming.

Anirudh Das

Funeral Services

Overseas Funeral Undertaker

Last Journey is a world-renowned business that specializes in funeral undertaker services for individuals of all faiths. Being India's leading undertaker funeral director, our experienced and skilled staff will help with repatriations and undertaker services to and from any country around the globe. In order to avoid needless inconveniences for you, our legal specialists follow suitable procedures for resolving all relevant legal formalities. Our expertise lies in the proper embalming and packing of human remains in well-sealed casket boxes. We provide comprehensive support and assistance to the relatives of the deceased.

Funeral Undertaker Services

  • Providing counsel and assistance to the family.
  • Managing legal documents, such as a medical certificate of death.
  • Arrangement of customs clearance/x-ray clearance at the airport.
  • Documentation Approval for the export and import of human remains.
  • Embalming/preparing the body for a funeral.
  • Arrangements for the casket, funeral flowers, and transportation for the dead body.
  • Mortician services to ensure that the funeral service runs smoothly.
  • Return of personal effects.

Last Journey collaborates with a variety of partners and has extensive experience in the business. In the past couple of years, we’ve covered 100+ repatriations from countries like the UK, USA, UAE, Mexico, Singapore, etc. Our expertise and resources place us among the industry’s top undertaker funeral homes, with a proven track record of providing safe, professional, and respectful transportation.

International funeral undertaken

Last journey organization has made its distinct place in the field full of various funeral undertakers and managing directors. The top-notch services of our organization like funeral arrangements, cremation services, repatriation, foreign assistance in performing last rites and creating memories through pictures, headstones and online prayers help us in satisfying the consumers to their maximum level.

Services of Last journey Regarding Repatriation

  • Assistance in issuing death certificate if the departed soul.
  • Arranging the cargo tickets.
  • Arrangement for embalming services and its certificate.
  • Provide a list of all required documents to make the repatriation easy.
  • We help in arranging the coffin box for the security of the body after the embalming process.

Services of the last journey regarding funeral and cremation on foreign land

  • The last journey provides the funeral vehicle and mortuary van for the safety of the human remains during transportation.
  • We also make arrangements related to the floral decor on the funeral vehicle.
  • During the cremation procedure, we provide sacred pooja samgri to the family members.
  • We help in issuing permission from the consulate authority regarding the presence of family members at the time of final rites.

Last journey organization has a professional team which poses a great experience regarding the overseas funeral undertaking process. We assure our consumers through the most promising services of our organization. We make them aware of all the expenses regarding the repatriation, cremation on foreign land and necessities connected to the funeral before starting the services. Hearing about an immense loss while being so far from the loving person aches the most. We understand the grief of people hence we try to lessen their bereavement through less complicated services and processes. The last journey is just one call away from you in a time of devastation.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an undertaker?

A funeral director, often known as an undertaker in the United Kingdom or a mortician in the United States, is the person or people in charge of making funeral arrangements for a bereaved family.:

What does repatriation mean?

Repatriation is the process of relocating a deceased individual to another country when a death happens outside of the country. Some Indian nationals who die abroad express a desire to be buried or cremated in India, or vice versa. All these services are provided by the Last Journey. :

What documents are needed for repatriation to India?

If you are returning a loved one's body to India, you will need the following documentation:

  • Death Registration Form (for Indian nationals only).
  • Local authorities issued original death certificate as well as a copy.
  • Permit for Burial or Cremation.
  • "Non Communicable Disease," letter from the Public Health Office.
  • Embalming certificate, out-of-province coroner's certificate, consignee's name, address, phone number, etc.
  • Flight Information

How long does it take to repatriate a body? 

The time it takes to repatriate the body varies based on where the individual died, but it normally takes between five and seven days if the deceased died of natural causes. A post-mortem may delay repatriation by up to three months if there were questionable circumstances surrounding the death; but, on average, transporting a loved one to your chosen country takes ten to fifteen days.:

How does repatriation from any country work?

We can assist you in arranging for your loved one to be buried or cremated in a foreign country. Once we are provided with the copy of the death certificate, we manage the creation of all necessary papers required to repatriate the deceased by air transport.:

Does an undertaker arrange everything at a funeral?

Undertakers work closely with family and friends to ensure that their expectations are met and that any special requests for the service are met.:

Do undertakers only do cremation?

No, undertakers plan all types of funerals, including religious and non-religious services, burials, and cremations.:

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