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What to consider while choosing a cemetery?

What to consider while choosing a cemetery?
What to consider while choosing a cemetery?


27 December, 2022

What to consider while choosing a cemetery?

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The moment when you say goodbye to a beloved family member feels so painful and in this agonizing period, every family member and friend wants to offer a comfortable place where the departed soul can rest eternally.

Those who choose the burial after the demise of a loved one should select a cemetery after considering some important points. These important things will not only offer peace and comfort to the departed soul but will also make the visit of family and friends easier.

Here are some points that you can not afford to miss while choosing a cemetery.

  • Location of the cemetery
  • Types of the cemetery
  • The reputation of the place
  • Cost of the cemetery
  • Specific rules of that particular cemetery
  • Interment options offer by the cemetery
  • Future of the cemetery

Here is detailed information regarding these essential points and the reason why one should consider these points before choosing a cemetery for the deceased person.

1. Location of the cemetery

Choosing the location of rightly is very important as you need to visit the place on several occasions. Picking a location for the cemetery that is very far from your home could be problematic sometimes as it will consume more time in reaching there as well as in returning from there.

It is completely a personal choice of the close family members. Here they can honour the choice of the departed person also as,

  • They can choose a location where the deceased person grew up.
  • It could be the place where the deceased person wanted to stay or live.
  • The location where other family members are resting after demise.

2. Types of the cemetery

Usually, one can find four types of cemeteries at burial places. You should choose one of them according to your faith and convenience. Apart from it, the personality of the deceased person also matters when you are choosing  for him/her.

  • Municipality cemeteries – These kinds of centuries come under the authority of governing body of a city or town. Any person can bury the deceased body of a beloved family member here.
  • Private cemeteries – Unlike municipal cemeteries, private companies or organizations own such cemeteries. They charge a good amount for the services also. Not every person can use the place for burial.
  • Cemeteries for military persons/veterans – The central government owns these cemeteries as they arereseverd for the people who are/were part of forces. Except for these people, a common citizen can not choose  the burial.
  • Religious cemeteries – A specific religion or community takes the charge of this place because it is linked with them. The place is reserved for the people who belong to that specific religion and community.

3. The reputation of the place

You must gather the correct information related to the place where you are going to buy a plot for the cemetery. This can make you assured about the comfort of your beloved one in your absence. You can ask the people who are living in a neighboring area about the place.

The churches and funeral homes also provide absolute information about the centuries. Available online reviews are also the best source of information regarding the reputation of a place where you are choosing a cemetery.

4. Cost of the cemeteries

The cost of the cemetery depends upon several factors which are related to the fee and maintenance of the place. If you choose a municipality cemetery, you will find it quite affordable whereas private cemeteries are expensive. They charge for the maintenance of the place.

Some other points which affect the charges of cemeteries are,

  1. Are the authorities of the place charging the amount for opening and closing the graves?
  2. Do they charge a fee for maintaining the grave?
  3. Types of Markers are allowed there.
  4. The installation cost of the markers.

Choosing the right cemetery according to your budget can be a difficult situation for you but you can make it easy by directly contacting the authority of cemeteries. A direct conversation can make you aware of the correct estimation of the cemetery.

5. Specific rules of the particular cemetery

Before finalizing a place for a cemetery you must know the set of rules. A distinct set of rules that one needs to follow like,

  • Can you decorate around the grave?
  • What type of markers one can use at that specific cemetery?
  • How many interments can take place on one grave?
  • How often the family members and friends can visit the resting place of the departed person?

These are certain sets of rules that you must know before taking a final decision. Otherwise, you can face some problems during the process of burial and while visiting.

6. Interment options offer by the cemetery

Different cemeteries offer different interment options like crypts for the mausoleum, caskets for in-ground burial, urns for columbarium etc. Before choosing the cemetery you should know what kind of burial you are going to choose and if the place offers required interments or not.

7. Future of the cemetery

The cemetery you are choosing in present as a comfortable resting place for the deceased person may shift somewhere else in the future. Usually, the authorities of such places do not bring this kind of changes but you can directly ask the owners of that particular place about the future shifting or new set of rules.

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